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Budget Linux PC

It was inevitable we'd all have this argument at some point so I'll start with my controversial pick…

Microsoft Surface 1 (i5-7300U/8GB/256GB)
>dirt cheap due to normie consumers
>decent build quality and specs
>has great Linux support
>touch pen works great for creators
>surprisingly easy to replace battery (it is fiddly tho)
>managed to still retain USB 3 and headphone jack despite period trend
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Is the Darknet a real thing?

Is the Darknet a real thing, or is it just larping? I've downloaded TOR browser but can't find anything but dead message boards and another random uninteresting shit. What are your experiences with it? And is it real or fake and gay?
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Any recommended sites/tools for easily making my own 4chan-style imageboard for free?
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I fucking hate fang companies.
Most of them are pretty much cartoon supervillain conglomerates.

I respect google because despite all of their spyware, data collecting, lawsuit worthy bullshit, they still put out good quality products such as android os and their amazing suite of tools such as docs, slides, drive, calendar, keep etc.

But the rest of these companies just put out bullshit, such as Microsoft with the downfall of windows.
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What is the best window manager for Arch linux. I've always been interested in ricing but have never fully gotten into it.
I have always been drawn to dwm for some reason.
If you got any recomendations on ricing or windows managers that would be highly appreciated .
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how does one make a forum similar to the format of 4chan, such as this site
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Was VR just a fad?

Kinda reminds me of 3d tvs desu
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Imageboards are only a type of internet forum. Do you think a new type could be made? What features would it have?
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What jobs will AI kill? Do you think it is a threat to humanity or a tool? AI worries me.
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why does everyone bully pybros?

we’re normal i swear, it’s a good language with a lot of support
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“Home” server thread #1

picrel is hosting this website.
>Raspberry pi 3b running apache2 leeching from router usb port
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Im gonna start the first crt thread on this site!
>inb4 your poor
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This Metaverse crap is scaring me a bit.
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Why do you still use a computer? techpill me anon
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/smug/ - software minimalism user general

For discussing software minimalism.
>What is computing minimalism?
- Write programs that do one thing and do it well.
- Write programs to work together.
- Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.

>Why is software minimalism good?

- Fewer bugs
- Better performance
- Lower memory footprint
- Better maintainability
- Higher scalability
- Longer software lifetime
- Smaller attack surface

>Who hates software minimalism?

- Script kiddies (Muh Kali Linux)
- Normies (Your local tinder slut or Chad)
- Glowniggers (Take the vax, goyslop)
- Corporate Programmers (FAANG diversity hires & pajeets)

>Website development


>List of minimal OSes and distros

- OpenBSD
- Gentoo Linux
- Alpine Linux
- Temple OS

>Useful links

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Does anyone know what extension or program I can use to mass download shit from Deviantart in case any faggots on there decide to delete their art?
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How the fuck do I create and support my own website?

I've been wanting to create an alternative site to deviantart ever since it completely shat itself. Also because there's too many artists online and I'd like to reign them in a little.
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Help a broke fag

Recommend sidehustle or biz that I can do
I'm a broke fag and CS student
Posting this from my Mac book pro Lagos Nigeria
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Linuckz deestrohs and Linux in general.

We all know linux comes in different flavors, and sort of know how they work. Now not a lot of anons don't know how certain distros function or even heard the existance of distros.
For those who are well acquainted with the linux OS or with some of it's distros will probably look forward to this thread.
Enjoy your discussion!
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The Logitech g19 is the absolute peak of keyboard technology and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I hate those mechanical keyboard with a burning passion; they’re loud, deep (and thus slow), and feel absolutely horrible, like a button in mashed potato.

All of them look identical, and the g19 was a glimpse of a future we never got. There is absolutely no other peripheral on earth that looks cooler than this keyboard, except for maybe the g502
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im instant messengers


the only good ones
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Yo guys, so my probation ended and I have no record. Thank god too I got in trouble as a minor for my involvement with anonymous charged with hacking under the CFAA. I havent touched a computer in years I want to get back into security shit and go legit. Shit sucks but whatever I will do what I have to. Can you guys give me some resources /g/ on 4 chan sucks ass just people circle jerking their paychecks and some fake ass wannabe hackers. point me in the right direction guys all I have now is a shitty laptop with 1.4ghz CPU and 4GB ram. What are some IDEs I can run with these specs, is python still a great language I am super behind put on minor probation but shit lasted until 25 cant complain but still want to get back on that horse you know. This show kept me so entertained
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Laptop Problem Resolved

So, as a follow up to my last post, I disco0vered that my parents had neutered my GPU when they got me my laptop. Games actually use up around 50% of my GPU, but since it was neutered, I couldn't do shit.

Any of y'all been fucked like this?
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Is the thinkpad meme over?

I’ve seen these go for ridiculous prices because of these 1337 haxors who only buy it because they saw fellow 4tards use it.

Is it still a viable option at triple the price? Demand raises cost, and I’m sure there are other options with less support. What do y’all think?
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Laptop Maitenance

I have a Dell Lenovo Laptop from around 2016, which is functioning very well. However, I am limited to specific games, despite having the RAM to run others at minimum quality 45fps. Are there any specific actions to mantain it that can help boost performance? I rarely fix it phisically, just deleting old files. Much appreciated.
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Ai will take over the world thread

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hi? um,

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Why isnt it possible?
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Sitting here eating a toaster strudel life is good

>can anyone recommend me some updated networking books and the like?

>Is the demand for network architects and database admins going to increase? We are seeing a massive overfill webdev and other shit-tier normies entering the field so I figure the more technical stuff will be safe right guiz….. right?
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I am impressed with how long it took to write every word and connect every wire to create codes and engines for codes like C++ and Python.
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which monitor do you guys think gives the best hdr experience, price be damned?