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I’ve seen these go for ridiculous prices because of these 1337 haxors who only buy it because they saw fellow 4tards use it.

Is it still a viable option at triple the price? Demand raises cost, and I’m sure there are other options with less support. What do y’all think?


It’s true that people don’t buy them for value anymore, but the software and hardware support is absolutely worth it.

But if you are willing to do things differently, you should consider other options


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You WILL repair nothing, and you WILL be happy


Just because you can’t get one for 50$ easily doesn’t mean that they have bad value. They are far above most other options because even with this increased demand, only tards want them. Normies hate anything that isn’t a slim ultrabook.

no shit you don’t buy a thinkpad for performance


they havent been good for almost 15 years, NPCs only buy them because it's a trend and some kind of anti-status symbol


so what good alternatives you would recommend then
I'd want something that can handle stuff like matlab simulink pretty well


Thinkpads are still very affordable on eBay. Models like the T470 and older can be found with good specs averaging below 200 bucks. Only the super memey models like the original X220 are steadily going up in price, but they have been ever since thinkpad fanatics have gotten together on /g/ and /r/thinkpad.


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Isn’t the t470 is a latest t series thinkpad? And don’t most of these people prefer the older keyboards anyways?


I bought into it cause it is almost as modular as a full PC and I can actually replace most of the shit in it and upgrade it. I have no problem with the performance on a t430. Meme or not it's the most reliable laptop I have owned.

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