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The Logitech g19 is the absolute peak of keyboard technology and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I hate those mechanical keyboard with a burning passion; they’re loud, deep (and thus slow), and feel absolutely horrible, like a button in mashed potato.

All of them look identical, and the g19 was a glimpse of a future we never got. There is absolutely no other peripheral on earth that looks cooler than this keyboard, except for maybe the g502


>deep (and thus slow)
But you don't need to press all the way down to for the computer to register the key press. Not every keyboard is an IBM model M keyboard.


You're paying a lot of money for "feel" for something that forces you to use it in a very uncomfortable and frustrating way

Kind of defeats the point if you ask me


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I want my keyboard to scream at me with a mechanical clack like it's a woman who doesn't want my fingers on her. fuck your squishy rubber domes. give me purpose-built blue switches that wake up the neighbours every time I slam down on the f5 key to refresh a thread. I want my plasticine keys to know I fucking violated them with the impact of my amino flesh.


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I was wrong, you're not a normie; YOU'RE BATSHIT INSANE!


I really only have a problem with non mechanical keyboards that try to mimic the mechanical keyboard feel. Those are annoying and cheap feeling.


I disagree. The ornata provides the best of both worlds if you insist on tactile feedback. It's short and has to be bottomed out like a membrane, along with its existing pressure curve, but adds a tactile mechanical bit


I don't really see it but that's okay. That's why we have different keyboards.

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