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We all know linux comes in different flavors, and sort of know how they work. Now not a lot of anons don't know how certain distros function or even heard the existance of distros.
For those who are well acquainted with the linux OS or with some of it's distros will probably look forward to this thread.
Enjoy your discussion!


I hate linux so much. I feel so stupid whenever I use it. No other OS feels as unintuitive as it does


Use arch, btw


File: 1658036729654.png (43.85 KB, 640x846, 640px-Debian-OpenLogo.svg.png)

The ol' reliable.

What do I even get from using newer, less reliable packages?


Webmaster here.

Debian is good for production environments (ex: the site you're on uses raspbian and years old packages) but on a desktop you can afford to tinker around and rice it with the very best. And plus no one's stopping you from just installing older packages

Least retarded classichan user


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>What do I even get from using newer, less reliable packages?
Features I guess. I think mint is a good in-between where you get semi new stuff but also reliable enough. Then again I'm on artix and my shit never really breaks, and when it does it's my fault most of the time.

True we should migrate to templeOS


god's BASED operating system

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