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I've been wanting to create an alternative site to deviantart ever since it completely shat itself. Also because there's too many artists online and I'd like to reign them in a little.


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Torrent some books or vids on how to make your own website bro.
Pirating stuff today is piss-easy, you can go to one of the most kept-up-to-date libgen domains: https://libgen.is/, or go to zlib.
Lainchan's more tech centered or 4cuck's /g/ has something to help you get going.
If you don't want to buy a domain, you can locally host it.
The rest is up to you bro.


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Webmaster here. If you don't have programming experience, I recommend you read up on some html, css, and sql tutorials first before either designing a simple prototype on paper then making it into a prototype with a future proof database backend OR taking an existing deviantart clone from github and over time adding features, security, and a unique site identity, very much like this website. You can also use WordPress, but I'm afraid that's not going to scale very well from what I've seen.

As for hosting, simply plug an old, power efficient computer or a raspberry pi into wired internet and power in some dark corner of your home and install apache+dependencies on it through ssh. Done.

And make sure to think of an original name and buy the domain name before publishing it to the internet, but not before setting up cloudflare so you can't get ddosed. The latter is an absolute necessity.

When you're finally ready to go live, search up your modem's port forwarding instructions on the internet and forward the servers ip on port 80. Your website should be hosted on your home's ip address.

It's an honor to finally be the one helping others create their site.


man wrote a whole ass essay lmfao


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Not op.
Are there any alternatives to this? And theoretically how expensive would it be to buy and configure some reverse proxies that do the same thing? (Altho obviously on a much smaller scale.)

>forward the servers ip on port 80

Wouldn't that mean it's only http? Not https? I know https isn't just which port you use, but now days, can you even get away with not using https, unless you're hosting on tor?


Cloudfare is literally free no matter how big the site as long as you don’t want support.
Cloudfare will do https for you far easier.

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