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Hey, I wish to create a weekly /v/ game. May I have the permission to do so? The automod keeps reporting me, and I don't know why.


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The site's spam filter blocks certain words as well as all links in an attempt to keep the site work safe with only one moderator.

Despite it's many flaws, I have no choice but to keep this in place for an indefinite period of time unless i figure out a way to add the blackbox api to post.php

As the current filter does not have a whitelist system, could you please post a pastebin of whatever you were trying to post? I obviously can't give you the list but I could point out any words you should change or change the system to make it work.



The automod is reporting me for posting the pastebin.


I just disabled the link blocker, but why are you posting from a proxy? I trust you not to do anything malicious.

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