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A place for discussion related to the website itself. Discussion about everything from moderation to future boards goes here.
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After two consecutive raids in a month, with loads of posts failing to get backed up, this website was left as a shell of it's former self. A website that used to get up to thousand uniques a day reduced to one with 200 at most. I stopped caring ages ago, and it's my neglect that brought the site to it's knees. To those still left: I'm sorry.

However, as if by fucking divine intervention, i got an email from 4chan's advertising "team" (nice try hiroyuki). After completely ignoring my countless emails for about 5 months, I'm told they have a new self serve advertising system. I updated the banner ad from the classichan days and gave it 20 bones, so here's to hoping it sparks some interest in this place.

If you're new here, have fun ig.


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poggers, glad to see you posting something postive for once


happy to hear, hope this place does well. very cozy


Yeah, im here through the Ad
I usuually block all Ads and dont get the banner but I used my iPad today


I dunno this place is very small
U should probably find other ways too to get new members or maybe work together with another -Chan site


Sup, I just saw the add, I hope I'll like it here


Cool, I sure hope so. Just make sure to check the date before bumping a post; necroposting is frowned upon on imageboards.


came from 4chan wats up broes


File: 1670405377561.png (41.58 KB, 459x191, image_2022-12-07_012922705.png)

Here from the fourth chan how are we doing fellows


I came here from this.


I came here from the 4Chan advert, I love SEL and the image of Lain sucked me into this site. I hope to bare witness to more Lain


File: 1670791455681.png (52.79 KB, 862x840, classic-chan.png)

I miss the old index page, it's a shame magi replaced the goddess of the wired with this eva degeneracy.

tho afaik he did post a black-green lain-themed redesign a while ago but people complained it was too similar to lainchan. It did look super cool though.


Thats honestly really unfortunate it changed, I feel we could all gain something from being users on a lain pilled forum site


This place is actually so nice.
Surprisingly great community.
Great place to just talk about some random bullshit that you want to and be chill and shit. Hopefully this site does better because it truly does deserve it.


Who is this girl


I just found this place on allchans, trying to find a comfy chan. Looking forward to this place :)

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