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guys i get it I fucked up, now stop spamming and necroposting pls thank you


hehehe BAKA


It’s ok magi, I love you.
Stop banning my VPN btw


People wouldn't "necropost" (reply to older threads that are still active) if the site was more active, the site would be more active if people weren't deterred by the recent floods of unironic glowie posts.


unironically makes me sad to see you stress like this :c


That's exactly what I did when magi was being a sleepyhead, my reports weren't being viewed so I necro'd every post before page 1 to get that ahem certain ahem post to page 1 also please stop rangebanning my vee pee enn, I'm not the one posting that disgusting stuff, sure I spammed the board but it was only to get that post put to page 10.


that being said, magi you should post your discord because I have some important stuff to discuss with you, regarding police and your website, but I wont talk about it publicly, I think it's in your interest.


to page 10*


File: 1675311003728.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1680x1620, BD195753-59A0-44D9-94BA-1….jpeg)

i don’t have a ban on vpns but i do ban any IPv6 i find posting CP. Maybe try finding another VPN? Idk

My old account is Koalemos#8277, but I’m probably deleting it sooner or later. I’ll add my contacts to the front page before then though.

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