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Exactly one year ago, the link to a small imageboard going by the name of classichan was posted to 4chan. What started a week earlier as a thread on r9k quickly evolved into a small discord server, and after about only about a week of “development” (troubleshooting broken dependencies), it was finally live.

Since then, the site has seen countless changes and redesigns, and yet, through thick and thin, you guys have stayed here and kept this place alive, despite my complete neglect of the site. And so now, to make up for it, I think it’s about time I do something big for you guys. In the following month(s), I will try to add some major improvements to the site. But in the meanwhile, I think it’s time for an AMA.

So make yourself comfortable, take a sip of the complimentary cool aid, and ask me whatever you want.


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how much do the rothschilds pay you to use cloudflare?


What’s the last thing on your listening history?


File: 1684082087289.png (5.98 KB, 300x100, 736218DA-56AB-4E88-B442-7C….png)

is this site self hosted? can we see your rack?


File: 1684087489967.jpg (43.57 KB, 720x683, wtv5sam3orya1.jpg)

5 yen


of course it is baka. I'm still hosting it off my pi3b so no rack as of yet, but I'm thinking of transitioning to something cooler (powerpc mac perhaps?)


File: 1684091687586.png (124.01 KB, 343x440, Untitled.png)

Ah, the puzzle pieces are all together. It's no longer a mystery why Maggot is so cringe and NWO-loving.


I prefer IRC but I wasn’t sure if the average r9k user has a client set up. As for myself, I haven’t even installed discord on my new devices.


How is your new phone? Was it worth it or should I stick with my flip phone?


The s23 is great tbh, even if screen scratches far too easily. A high end phone is a luxury item, so I wouldn’t recommend going for one unless you have money to burn.


An expensive slab of glass that turns you into a mindless zombie is never worth it.


I would but my old razr is too old. Their phasing out 3G here so it won't work by the end of this year.


Magi! Magi! What inspire you to make imageboard????


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Are you going to implement a dark theme? What about making this site compatible with 4chanX?


How are we gonna attract new users? Are the ads still up?

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