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File: 1654273045698.png (789.09 KB, 1024x576, C14BC5A8-D836-440D-83DE-3F….png)


4chan newfag check-in
>how old are you (we won’t ban you pinky promise)
>any interests, hobbies?
>how long have you been on 4chan?
>anything’s else you wanna say


File: 1654396819430.gif (71.81 KB, 411x498, IMG_6077.gif)

>art and music
>2 years (don't tell anyone :()
>i'm not gay no matter what anyone says


Since you joined after 2016 I think you’ll find it a bit nicer here than 4chins
>2 years
eh I’d say we were all children when we were first discovered 4chan. autism starts in childhood


>will be 21 this year
>drawing and sfm
>since july of 2020
>i should have more effort in anything


File: 1654428639557.jpeg (22.46 KB, 224x225, A5692824-2B7D-4194-A9A7-2….jpeg)

what do you animate? Tf2 stuff?
>I should have put more effort into anything
adhd or smth? it’s pretty common desu


I do SFM posters. My laptop doesn't have processor that has enough minimum requirements for SFM.




May I see it?


File: 1654592002464.png (11.87 KB, 83x83, 1645558978013~3.png)

>reading manga
>13 years
Sorry ;_;7


bro I didn’t come here for the feels holy shit sorry bro


> 69


>Music, animu, coding, networking
>far too long, '08 reporting
>inb4 lies
>Glad too see a small tight community hope it grows and stays comfy


>languages, pessimist and existentialist philosophy, late antiquity, piano, still too often vidya, Neon Genesis Evangelion
>at least six years, but unknown definitively
>I miss a time I never experienced


>super into obscure, weird and experimental music
>3-ish years probably but only really been active in the past year or so.
>I'm super obsessed with how 4chan used to be in the early 2000s (thats how I ended up here lolol). Seemed like a real comfy community instead of whatever the fuck it is now.


mostly video games, sometimes I do theater productions
been lurking for like 2 years after I lost all my friends.


File: 1654937029570.jpg (550.16 KB, 1058x1401, SmartSelect_20220607-06515….jpg)

>how old are you
turning 30 soon

>any interests, hobbies?

video games, researching glitches in video games, installing mods for video games, and creating my own mods for video games. also, VR

>how long have you been on 4chan?

I started posting on /b/ when I was 13 years old

>anything’s else you wanna say

I want to love you but I can't find the time. I want a reason but I can't find the rhymes. And I want to start some shit but I can't afford to be laying flat like I fell off a skateboard. But nowadays,it's as clear as you please, you get strapped with protection or struck with disease.


File: 1654946266240.jpeg (39.83 KB, 528x528, 056A587D-293A-4662-88A2-8….jpeg)

its sad to see people slowly lose and forget their hobbies as they age. everything was so much better before


Is there even an age limit in this site?
The rules are more or less just “post good pls”.
Didn’t say anything about age


Technically not


File: 1655530708452.jpg (87.67 KB, 640x480, 1652259131276.jpg)

>My GF, my work, warplane video games, marching, discover new games, hear interesting videos, cooking
>6 years, I enter by Touhou
>I miss the first time of 4chan, for bad


File: 1655535035210.gif (502.86 KB, 498x403, meiling-thumbs-up.gif)

Based touhouanon


>Younger then 18
>Music, gutiar and browsing imageboards and being a retard.
>Like 3 years
>Maybe wasn't the best idea to use 4chan but idk


>only started browsing 4chan at 15
damn bro don't insult yourself; you're barely even autistic


>making wacky drawings on MSPaint and then posting them on imageboards, also sports
>less than a year i think
>i wish 4chan still allowed raids, those seem fun to do


File: 1657319105157.jpg (415.9 KB, 800x992, backseat gaming.jpg)

>Math tech and biology.
>2 years.
>I hope if find more alt-chans so i can converse with interesting people.


Raids are only funny when it's something clever. Most people just want to do something like spam NIGGER over and over.
Man I love peacock and marie


Wait is that painwheel?


A math teacher? Who teaches you guys to dress funny?


>any hobbies?:kickboxing,beekeeping,strategy games,manga and bjj
>how long in 4chan: 2years maybe?
i like this board hope it stays alive .was thinking about shilling it on 4chan but noticed how retarded that idea was.


>CS, fishing, philosophy
>9 years, started in 2014-2013? ish


File: 1659892802150.png (260.97 KB, 750x496, original.png)

2014 was 9 years ago?


8 years ago mb but you get the idea, i mightve started in 2013 i forgot. i was a depressed, but at least freer child back then. now i am a sleepwalking adult, maintaining the barest resemblence of normalcy


File: 1659896164769.png (7.03 KB, 588x360, c3a01d62ab668c6017b754ccc2….png)

Don't give up already, anon. Even in some suburban murican shithole, you can always connect to people and by simply showing interest in their hobbies and issues, you can easily get both friendship and a possible hobby this way.

If you're still in college, that should be a breeze. You can also improve your life with your existing hobbies, simply go to some fishing event and suddenly you're connected with every local boomer.

Friendship should be your first answer to existential dread, as it's much more than just a distraction.


But anon… I don't live in america… I've gone fishing since I was a child and have a very small circle of uni friends, but I still feel like a shadow of what I was. I've actually improved alot, but it just feels like as an adult, there are practically zero people in my country who share my other esoteric interests.


File: 1660916150583.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1048, Untitled374_20220722055548.png)

>cycle of egotistical power and regret
>since march of 2021
>I am very active on many boards like /vg/, /r9k/, /wsg/, and /hr/ (mainly Felicity Jones threads bu also the infographic thread)


>35 in a month
>anime, gaming, bike treks, tinkering with electronics, D&D
>pool's closed due to AIDS
>sad incel looking for a change of scenery into a comfy place


File: 1662652725264.jpg (123.94 KB, 810x825, 240903235_291365332750314_….jpg)

>games, art, music, aesthetics, funny stuff, languages, MBTI, Crystal Café, anything as long as it's interesting
>3-4 years probably, knew about the site for a LOT longer
>i just want to talk to people without feeling like they'll gash me at the throat for saying anything :(


vibes tbh

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