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I've been on the internet for a very long time, approximately since I was born. Seen a lot of different eras, but in the end, nothing seems to really be fun anymore. The media I once chose to consume out of passion is now more a chore. Is this the end of the hedonistic treadmill, or can one still somewhat rely on places like these? I hope at least to a small extent, that this can be a safehaven in a sense.

I was thinking the userbase here would be quite likely to relate, so I didn't mean to just make a blogpost. I hope I wasn't entirely wrong.


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> I was thinking the userbase here would be quite likely to relate

anon… you’ve provided us with a detailed description of depression.


I do whatever
I dont really do anything because I have no interests or hobbies



Sometimes in life you have a period in life where this just happens, I went through one in july too. I'd say just find something that isn't a dopamine hit, but is just nice to do. Have a pet or something, no need to be a dog or anything. Just something to keep you going. Aside from that, do you have a history of mental illnesses, or mental shit in general? I may have some experience with it. Don`t worry about blogposting, we`re here for each other. That`s what this board is for.


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You absolutely must begin to move your body and eat well. I'm not telling you to start lifting and downing protein powders tomorrow, but forcing yourself to go for a walk and eating greens chemically changes you in a way that helps to to start appreciating other things in your life.


For what it's worth I found your post very relatable. I'm in my 30s and i've been on the internet since the late 90s. All of my friends have been online but i haven't had an online friend in almost 10 years. It's very rare for me to find even a single post anywhere that's relatable. The internet has lost it's appeal a long time ago and is now an alien place full of "ironic" zoomers that spam buzzwords, template memes and otherwise act like clones of each other.

I grew tired of media a long time ago. I have a bunch of steam games I've owned for years that i've never played and anime downloaded i've never watched and likely never will. Everything is bland, i just want off this ride.


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I already do moderate exercise every other day with heavy weights, but I find that it doesn't help much. Self-help advice is generally quite misguided unless you have a personal understanding of the receivers problems and needs, although I do think going out in general is good for you. Sadly my area is quite unpleasant for walks.

I'm glad someone really gets it, although it's mildly concerning I can relate despite being much younger.


This is summed up exactly right. Also in my 30s being someone who's been online since '96. It's all so tiresome and things aren't ever looking to get better. I complete ROM libraries for just about every single console as well as close to 2200 physical games with every mainstream gaming console that came out in the West. Including a few Japanese collections. I'm surrounded by filth, dust, and boxes everywhere. I don't do anything except the following.
>anime or show once a week
>boot up a ROM for about 30 minutes
>rinse and repeat everyday for going on 6 years now


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It's hard to pinpoint exact reasons, but it could come down to the receptors in your brain being somewhat burned out from overstimulation. For example, if you have been using the computer or phone for a lengthy period of time during the night, or if you have been overconsuming dopamine or serotonin-boosting foods or drugs like coffee or spicy noodles. There are a few ways to address this. Obvious choices include things like a dopamine detox and a ketogenic diet. Other systematic approaches could include changing your circadian rhythm to its natural state, watching the sunrise and sunset, and doing cold exposure.

Beyond this, i can only recommend that you Study and practies Sri krisna and leave this material life to become a devotee. I do recommend the andrew huberman podcast episode about dopamin, I also would recommend that you start a protocole to max out your testo if you are a man.

May love and life be abundante to you.


What you need to do is meet new people IRL and start hanging out in non-substance fueled (drinks are allowed but you're not there to get fucked up) environments. The happiest I've ever been was when I was going to karaoke with work mates on the weekend…

There is happiness out there for those who are ok with going out of their comfort zones. Take it from an Aspie


Damn. I cant relate. I am a teenager smh.
But i understand. My brother has told me about what the internet used to be like.
TBH even tho im of the age where i should be with all the bs but i feel like the internet has become a place full of bullshit political opinions and people becoming delusional due to the vast access of infromation they have due to the internet. IDK. TBH I just hate ppl not gonna lie.

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