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Via shedding, even non vaxxed are getting "involuntary muscle twitches", but you can suspect what is it. Nobody knows where they are taking vaxxed bodies, but i know. They will come back.
Please, if anyone here knows something about this, i need your help to find a cure, because we'll be fucked if we don't try anything soon enough.
They are not just altering DNA to kill people, this is something worse.


Ok, so:

1st: The structure of atoms is not as such, that is a simplification given to high school students. The real atoms are a pile of uncertainties

2: The solar system does make spirals in space, however, they aren't double helixes, so no relation with DNA. Plus, that atom spiral is not an accurate diagram as well.

3: What the fuck do you mean by "shedding"?

4: The vax is supposed to make you sick for a while. However, certain people can have adverse effects, like with LITERALLY ANY TREATMENT. For example, cold showers, while they are beneficial for many reasons, may give you a thermal shock if it's all at once. As such, people who aren't indicated for the vaxx can have adverse effects.

While your ideas about what's happening are interesting, please elaborate further, and please research the veracity of content you post regarding this.

Sincerely, the Laptop User.

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