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It just occurred to me that free will might not exist.
I am not sure how to feel about this.


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you should fell great, free will is exhausting.




There is no such thing as “evil”. The human “conscience” doesn’t have a great effect on your fate. People are predictable. If you isolate the “soul” from the body, you are left without any characteristics. Everything that represents “you” is in your mind.


I agree it should feel liberating because the sense of "I" comes from the things one does voluntarily.
If I drop the sense of deciding what to do, I also drop the sense of I/me.
But, to be honest, I haven't done it. I think because the illusion of free will is so good that to notice it in real time you have to be aware of everything that happens with a great level of detail.

>Everything that represents “you” is in your mind.
And there is no free will to choose what represents you.
>If you isolate the “soul” from the body
What makes you think the soul exists?


free will exists in a paradoxical state where it both does and does not exist concurrently


The reason I put it in parentheses is because I don’t truly believe in it. What are the chances of having an afterlife if you leave all of your memories and personality 6 feet under? Consciousness is merely a random number generator capable of feeling and sensing what is put into it


So free will is entropy?


everything is entropy


Sometimes in Buddhism you say that everything exists, but also that everything lacks intrinsic nature. So like uh. Free will certainly exists, but like what is it?

You also tend to say that even the realization that all things are empty of intrinsic nature, is empty of intrinsic nature.

So whether free will exists or doesn't exist, you shouldn't feel too bad about it since it's in good company with other all the other things that exist and don't exist in the same manner.


This is a fairly important argument though. Should individuals be responsible for their actions?

Objective truth might be an impossibility, but we’re still going to work our asses off to find it.


Wittgenstein says we should look at how a word is used, we shouldn't look inside of ourselves to find its secret meaning. "Free will" may only mean that we find it prudent to divide different causes and give them different weight in criminal justice, or in personal justice. The good and bad of this can be examined in a public and open way.


There's another interesting take imo which is about Karma. Karma means action basically despite what I learned in school about Karma as a sort of social credit score. Maybe at some level it is that.

In another more interesting way Karma is the pure action of.. action. Using terms loosely its the moment when cause and effect meet. This is something you can witness because it occurs in the mind. I think you can say that meditation is about watching karma, but it's not technically the right use of the term.

At any rate, if you wanna what kind of choice there is, you can go look at it, and you'll see exactly what it is that makes the world tick. You can track the action and reaction in the mind, and if there's any option in regards to the reaction that's where it should be. We can't talk about it very well because language only tells us the names of things, not what they are. I think that's why we don't have an answer to the question of whether we have free will or not. Because whatever it is we have, we just have.


it does


>you should fell great, free will is exhausting.

Yeah i hate freewill cause if i fuck up i have no one to blame but myself


you accept it. just like you accepted the time pre-dating your birth and your birth etc…


Everything is the result of causality so true free will is impossible even in theory. There is nothing magical going on in your brain that allows it to act independently of causality. >>24
>Should individuals be responsible for their actions?
Just because free will doesn't exist doesn't mean people shouldn't be responsible for their actions in the sense that their actions shouldn't have consequences. A functional society requires rules/laws, enforcement of said rules and laws, and punishments given to the offenders of said rules/laws.

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