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i think we need to stop socializing men to be aggressive and possessive and we should all be frens and help each other. i love old mythology where men can be strong but also kind, and that actually accentuates their strenght. i want to be like that, i hate macho bullshit


The macho male archetype was created by hollywood


imagine being a prehistorical man and you just got done fighting a boar or something. you're tired and shaken and you see another man and you greet eachother with a smile. it would probably be the most beautiful thing to see, another creature of the same species as you. imagine how conforting that would be. it's cute how humans just smile to eachother instinctively, nowadays you can't even do that without coming off as a creep to women or a homosexual predator to men. by the way i mentioned men and not women because it's more common to see women smile while many men try to look tough all the time.

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