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File: 1655472356120.png (40.94 KB, 197x199, mein waifu.png)


Describe your dream gf

dubs and she's yours
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Someone who was similar interests to me and will support me like I support them


i want a hot finnish babe to visit the sauna with


File: 1655535144459.jpg (249.27 KB, 1920x1080, misato-NGE-beer1.jpg)

I need an alcoholic mommy gf


File: 1655626947768.png (193.01 KB, 1545x869, coomer.png)

i need sauce this fucking instant


Sadako from the ring

File: 1655626252595.jpg (60.11 KB, 1227x500, ezgif-1-d0971c1d76.jpg)


>be me
>renowned member of the racism community on 4chan
>one day, i'm feeling frisky and decide to do a little experiment
>i go to /b/ and start posting racist shit
>everyone starts calling me a nigger
>i don't understand why they're so mad


File: 1655632392888.jpg (37.47 KB, 600x592, 0b8.jpg)


File: 1655240660723.jpg (536.12 KB, 1210x680, snail-shell.jpg)


Who here likes snails this is a really cool snail
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File: 1655325957901.jpg (55.94 KB, 1059x1059, f0f333a3461cd89fa7faddbd6e….jpg)

i also like snails. i think your snail is a very cool snail


this entire website is a snail

maybe in 100 days from now there will be 20 new posts




File: 1655535704894.jpg (448.76 KB, 966x954, 1654892533047.jpg)


That is an amazing snail

File: 1655493181938.jpg (3.94 KB, 90x60, 7949c0927e4fed7f83401e7efa….jpg)


I don't know if this is the right site, but I would like to tell you that I have created a new IB: http://france.hyperphp.com/ib/

drop by if you like

File: 1654718879821.png (54.76 KB, 248x250, brannie.png)


>no captcha
>tor enabled
Good luck with that.
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The man in OP pic is Brandon. There are boards that pop up and shut down run by a guy named patch. Patch is a huge pedo. They like to post little girls on his boards and shill it everywhere before it dies. Patch Chaners like posting this dude everywhere. Now you know.


thanks trivia-bro


Yeah CP links have been posted here


>what is selective rate-limiting
>he thinks spammers have limited IP addresses


File: 1655474586784.jpg (80.56 KB, 1280x720, kukur.jpg)

File: 1652954191583.jpg (417.9 KB, 660x879, dsmompbb.jpg)


How did Raimi get away with this?


Because he wants to transition and suck BBC, but can’t because of the stigma


But he criticised Jews.

File: 1652555078643.jpg (324.08 KB, 1200x900, grilledcheese1.jpg)


First order of business: appreciation and theory.
Second order of business: acceptable sides. I like a pickle spear.
Third order of business: casual discussion, possibly unrelated to grilled cheese.


The ideal neet feast.

I like em with orange juice


File: 1652555888415.jpg (152.45 KB, 720x470, 20220514_151702.jpg)

I am of the opinion that white American cheese is the superior choice


Your opinion is wrong and you should be ashamed


For cheese ricotta, gorgonzola, and asiago. (Or just mozzarella)
Bread- ciabatta or brioche smeared onto a griddle.
Optional fillings - Arugula, spinach, basil and balsamic fig glaze.
Pretty much a caprese without the tomatoes, but tomato basil soup makes up for that


I don’t like girlled cheese cause it has girl in the name. I prefer the gentleman’s feast of a happy meal

File: 1655307781618.png (71.25 KB, 1425x507, BCAF798A-6235-476D-8EC1-A0….png)


Post your favorite XKCDs

File: 1652884384536.jpeg (148.96 KB, 1050x577, 245873D0-D9D3-4C3D-9015-5….jpeg)


good morning tiny people inside my phone
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File: 1654437742678.jpeg (50.93 KB, 1600x900, CDB5886B-BDB1-4525-A30C-6….jpeg)

I am living inside of your walls. You are safe


File: 1654736364093.gif (1.85 MB, 361x432, B1AAF5A7-8E23-4691-B1BD-AB….gif)

nice thansk


File: 1655065201974.gif (47.45 KB, 128x128, CE9283F6-6CE1-4ABD-BDB7-C6….gif)

Can I also live in your walls?


sure anon. 10 robux a week


File: 1655133879252.jpeg (127.11 KB, 1192x1164, D901BB90-76FA-4CB1-93FC-0….jpeg)

What’s the conversion from robux to NEETbux?
Shits gettin expensive I swear. Had to cut my daily chicken nuggy consumption by 5 nuggies last week.

File: 1654467923350.jpeg (193.68 KB, 750x1436, 7E027D5C-8AFE-479B-8C85-6….jpeg)


There is only one love and all love is mutual.
All is connected, and all is consciousness.

What are some implications of that?

For one when someone does something truly bad to you, they hate what they’ve done as much as you hate it.




File: 1654946537317.jpeg (597.29 KB, 3000x1928, oGEqNZJ.jpeg)

you wish

violence and dominance is natural for humans just as much it is for any other living thing

of course someone can do something bad to you and not hate what they've done, or are you just gonna stand there asking "why is the nice man pushing a pointy stick into my neck?"

accept humans for what they are, don't live in a fantasy


File: 1654946891375.png (84.09 KB, 423x404, 6603F5C4-BC3E-4965-9A60-8B….png)

humans are programmed to please themselves in one way or another.

dominance doesn’t make your brain release that many brain chemicals, but that doesn’t mean we only chase pointless hedonism. our mind derives pleasure from helping others. this is the reason for all “good” in the world: simple chemistry.

but that also means that those who only chase power are seriously ill in some way. we are naturally charitable and hurting others brings the average person at least minor discomfort. simply put: all of us are predictable


only those who came from bonobos

File: 1654929330345.jpg (137.7 KB, 1259x1028, tumblr_4abd5bddcc7d680d2b6….jpg)


Just kidding. If you ever feel the desire to harm yourself then please contact your family, friends, or a medical professional, and have an open discussion with them about the issues that cause you to feel this way.


File: 1654929741902.jpeg (13.71 KB, 200x190, 0CB326D3-B079-49D2-8536-3….jpeg)


File: 1654910480420.png (140.73 KB, 300x300, Weezer_-_Raditude.png)


Money makes ms happy
When im feeling lonelyyyy


Take a trip to the atm, pull out my card, stick it right in

File: 1654752595390.png (430.73 KB, 840x880, 1653179297801.png)


how does Classichan feel about Kot?



tumblr tier shit but anything goes. the internet is progressing and we can’t stay behind. the memes will change but our culture shall remain


never been to tumblr…
seems like a place i wouldnt like,
but i like this

File: 1654268774211.jpeg (60.33 KB, 500x667, 1AE75BAA-0561-4355-859E-C….jpeg)


Music thread.

Post what you’re listening to rn
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Rippikoulu - Musta Seremonia (album)



I am listening to some makina!! Very cool genre, you will like if you enjoy happy hardcore stuffs.


XS Sound Strike И Яга


File: 1654819979148.jpg (502.83 KB, 620x926, noneedviolence.jpg)

File: 1654736745330.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1113, E7F75F5A-58D2-4785-A294-0….jpeg)




Classichan's first schizo!


All of us are schizos to a certain extent

File: 1654680151670.jpeg (9.08 KB, 190x267, images (8).jpeg)


Why do we have rei as the website's new girl?!?!?! Asuka is clearly superior!!!


File: 1654683375233.jpeg (56.56 KB, 600x677, FE597544-7761-487B-B9FD-D….jpeg)

are you trying to see I picked lain because she was best girl?


File: 1654716242142.jpg (235.83 KB, 1920x1080, mpc-hc64_2019-05-27_08-53-….jpg)

I ship Kaji and Asuka

Asuka is 14, Kaji is like 30, it's the perfect age gap


tor test


File: 1654737666254.png (320.19 KB, 527x502, unknown_6.png)

File: 1652548342576.jpg (119.62 KB, 1079x1040, alien.jpg)


why the hell is there only Neon Genesis Evangelion fans on here?


there’s a lot us, who hasn’t watched the show?


me i havent


File: 1654423474497.png (119.92 KB, 211x631, Asuka_Shikinami_Langley_-_….png)

Because we like German redhead teen cunny


File: 1654734105860.jpg (190.3 KB, 2000x2000, b71ushqnanu71 R.jpg)

Not sure, but I won't complain. It's not really unexpected. Evangelion remains an enormous influence and has been on 4chan since the beginning.

File: 1654656098373.jpg (25.2 KB, 551x556, yotsuba.jpg)


what the FUCK is a "Soy Jack"? O.o
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File: 1654659363023.jpeg (64.3 KB, 460x1005, 28106961-1E1A-439A-8791-4….jpeg)

A cancer that must be cured




File: 1654722852337.jpg (106.05 KB, 644x781, O4WqhYr.jpg)

IT was just an innocent /int/ meme until ((soot)) and qa soynibbers ruined everything.

Spin-offs that came from Soyjak.party ruined IT!
I hope Behind the Meme comes back one day to put IT to sleep. Or maybe Lessons in Meme Culture.


a free and easy way to instantly win an online argument

File: 1654663675288.png (111.28 KB, 1200x1200, mintjams-cassiopea.png)


>Music thread?
>Music thread.
picrel is what im listening too now, shit is comfy to vibe while lurking


casiopea is very based desu. i like listening to misato’s theme when lurking


Do you like t square? They're another similar band to casiopea, here's a video of both bands playing together.

File: 1654423178401.jpeg (101.37 KB, 720x1280, download.jpeg)


Great a new 4chan safe from roasties and beta cucks.

Now us gentlemen of fine taste can discuss why we love teenage girls.
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File: 1654425728408.jpeg (15.01 KB, 230x220, images (2).jpeg)

Kaji should have fucked her


File: 1654431116278.gif (52.55 KB, 220x197, 334CBFD6-0031-4DE8-B45B-F8….gif)

no he can’t do that that’s haram


Go to /b/.

This place is made to learn from 4chan’s mistakes, and one of its main principles is to keep a small but tight knit quality community. Although we don’t do bans here, that kind of content gets deleted. Il keep this as an example
btw, as it says on the front page, it is made to imitate an older era of 4chan. the ridiculous amount of mainstream amerimutt politics and shock value content wasn’t really a thing pre 2016.
There’s only three rules here (no politics, no nsfw/shocking content, nothing illegal), follow them so we don’t have glowies flood in. Or just lurk more.


File: 1654622013955.png (931.56 KB, 828x817, EiYl_R8WAAEWzw8.png)

It'll only be a matter of time until they come here. :(


pic is kino but anon please we are gentlemen here…

File: 1654629867227.png (758.57 KB, 987x1274, DuNfwczTTgq-quKhkfA6Cg.png)


Thanks for giving me a chan that doesn't have people torturing baby monkies to death. 4chan is fucked up.


File: 1654657343790.jpeg (393.05 KB, 750x1334, 144360F9-1653-4830-9D3D-E….jpeg)

you’re welcome desu

File: 1654401301545.jpeg (111.78 KB, 600x631, BA8E1E7D-ABDA-4ABF-BB51-7….jpeg)


Just saw your ad on 4chan. I’m glad to see more people are making an attempt to create more chans to replace the utter shit that is modern 4chan. I’d recommend you get your chan added on allchans.org so that the rest of the altchan community knows you exists. The more we can grow the webring the better chance we have of replacing 4chan.
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This thing is running raw apache2. I stress tested it and it could handle like 30 requests per second before slowing down


live on allchans


Awesome. Do you have an email address or smth in case I change something about the site?


File: 1654594564534.jpeg (17.88 KB, 314x472, received_2162728507209938.jpeg)

Contact form on the site works best but I just replied to your form so you can see the email address.


glad to see it's getting more traction

File: 1654377187009.jpeg (99.16 KB, 749x899, E28AF102-44BA-4293-A8B2-C….jpeg)


Meditation is daydreaming

It isn’t about clearing your mind

All is consciousness
All is connected

To day dream is to be in the spirit world

Garden your consciousness
All matters
All has complete meaning
What you do in your daydreams/consciousness/spirit-world/the-infinite-multiverses changes your life and all completely!

The only motive, moral, and god is love. There’s only one love. And love is infinite.
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File: 1654410027781.jpeg (13.32 KB, 271x186, B355DE20-E2F4-4821-BF2F-D….jpeg)

The wording reminds me of Chris Chan. Some of us truly were permanently broken by the internet

File: 1654357099587.jpeg (657.72 KB, 1500x854, 7162FDEB-18DD-40FC-AB48-B….jpeg)


Dream car thread

Alfa Romeo carabo is my waifu


File: 1654357145132.jpeg (229.55 KB, 1000x700, CFA112D8-45B9-4774-A190-6….jpeg)

Goddamn this thing looks too good


File: 1654370632014.jpeg (123.83 KB, 749x937, A16AB944-66C4-4899-9296-1….jpeg)

That is such a fantastic car
A masterpiece

I want an old 1970s Volkswagen camper with solar panels. That unfold like sails.


Im too broke to dream about cars


Dream about bikes then poorfag. Any dream bikes?


File: 1654408970021.jpg (67.39 KB, 600x400, D06290B0-AB95-4BB0-A150-50….jpg)

s1000rr my love

File: 1654344217787.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1051, 13055-fb564dfb-d803-483e-8….png)


I want to like you. But I'm programmed to hate you. I wish you would just break me.



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