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That's right, kid. Lemon.


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The only god is love!
The only morality is ever greater love!
Consciousness is our soul!
All motives are love!
We are only our love!
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File: 1654327803700.jpeg (114.96 KB, 900x900, 07551E52-BEF1-4EED-A547-E….jpeg)

Free will is a lie
The conscious is merely a spectator
Suffering will gradually disappear, but there is no reason to continue in the first place
Evil is a farce
Choice is an illusion
Your mind works off of impulses, this was all meant to be
A powerful enough computer could predict every one of your actions, all it’s missing is a conscious to feel the pain and joy
Justice is the only true evil, you have no choice when it comes to actions

Take the omnicide pill anon


someone must pray for your soul in order for you to enter oblivion and become nothingness. if you die with nobody to pray for you, then you are reborn into this rotten world and get to suffer more. there is no heaven or hell, or depending on how you look at it, we are all in hell already. pray for those who died so that they don't have to suffer. make connections in the short life you have, so that you don't have to suffer.

also, bunnies live on the moon.


the moon is cheese. the bunnies eat the moon cheese

btw you are bound to this flesh bag and will thankfully disappear alongside it.


fuckin' Wallace ass


God is rather disappointed with what we do these days. Not talking about degenerates, but us as Abrahamic community.

File: 1654343801839.jpg (58.83 KB, 298x326, C2ACCA51-9DFD-463A-812B-F4….jpg)


gadget fucked the fly

this is and will forever be Disney canon


File: 1654344081975.png (699.68 KB, 700x1000, B97320D9-210F-4E39-8B57-C3….png)

you’re mad he gets more pussy than you
im mad I can’t see what the hype is about firsthand
we are not the same

File: 1654333159757.png (808.97 KB, 1024x1024, yPVaGbC.png)


I don't get it but I kinda like it.

I think the only reason I like it though is because there's nobody here.


The idea is to have a cozy little altchan with only oldfags and normies to imitate pre-2016 4chan, but now without politics or porn

Also, instead of banning people I will only remove posts because of the more manageable user base


well I wish you the best. god help you against bots and the glowies. shit's gonna pop off around here now that you paid for ads and everything.

File: 1653525504617.jpeg (16.61 KB, 300x300, images (2).jpeg)


Weezer weezer Raditude>Pinkerton
Weezer Weezer Weezer weeze weerez weezer zer zer wee wee zer zer weeeeeeezer pinkerton> Weezer
I fucking love weezer and their album weezer, weezer & weezer


File: 1653570981884.jpeg (65.1 KB, 1280x720, 72AA790E-56C8-407C-8F68-E….jpeg)


File: 1654292893764.jpg (61.69 KB, 942x496, Lelouch-Zero (1).jpg)

Weezer frens. Hello!

File: 1654286754316.png (238.15 KB, 700x700, hakase_trumpet.png)




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File: 1653922899683.png (1.01 MB, 955x713, 1653453090458.png)


>parents fight
>hate dad (he doesnt wanna work)
>they have another baby coming
>life is falling apart
>i try to forget everything
>Escape to 4chan & music



File: 1653924843932.jpeg (49.81 KB, 246x280, 1AF32133-6956-4B40-B394-F….jpeg)

you should probably try to get therapy if it’s causing you problems, but the issues you mentioned don’t seem enough to make your life fall apart. maybe try talking abt it with friends and/or family?


You get a job instead.


>*someone shares a personal issue
>go get a job
the absolute state of npcs


Get your bread up nigga

File: 1654178652300.jpg (23.74 KB, 549x556, 509.jpg)


eo Cortex




File: 1654232122832.jpeg (73.5 KB, 674x800, B1D27DDA-5A47-4DDE-B67B-F….jpeg)

we need to cooke methe


File: 1654238283235.png (77.88 KB, 225x225, 06e.png)

Nice trips

File: 1652718945465.jpeg (51.91 KB, 640x431, 6CDA2613-28FA-4D1E-AC9F-A….jpeg)


>be me

>depressed teen working shitty dead end job to support my single father

>new guy gets hired

>I meet him on break

> literally 10/10 twink


>he starts the conversation

>things start getting heated, he tells me he loves me

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(Pic related)


File: 1652757168203.jpeg (63.41 KB, 1068x601, 4E09FF20-7ED4-46A6-8EA3-4….jpeg)

>hold hands

>tell him you love him
>make shinji reconsider his sexuality
>”lmfao pranked jk”


Reddit spacing, but quality post


seele moment

File: 1652532708567.jpg (176.19 KB, 720x1267, FB_IMG_1652352323537.jpg)


I just want it to feel like 2006 again. I don't even know why I still go on 4chan. I guess I just keep hoping to run into a thread that brings me back to that atmosphere of the absolute weirdos of the internet
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I'm doing alright. I just wish I'd stop drinking so much lately. Work just stressed me out too much


drinking does things to you man. I’d probably visit a shrink to avoid that shit


I've now been sober for 3 days. Which is a huge step considering I've been drinking every night for almost six years. In recent days it got worse. So far, I'm feeling fine.its just been hard to fall asleep


File: 1654080002933.gif (459.15 KB, 500x363, 2B1BA088-72D8-46E7-A535-3C….gif)

congrats mate


pretty good

File: 1653189094788.jpeg (34.47 KB, 513x509, images (3).jpeg)


>Make Adam & Eve
>Make the forbidden fruit of knowledge
>Make a snake, master of deceiving people

What could go wrong?
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All of your memories and opinions are located in your mind. Every soul is equal in this regard. Whatever it has any control is anyone's guess, but it's random at best


What uses mind? I do, myself a soul. Thus I am both agent and patient of my body, and act as its "ruler". I think with my mind, and use it as an organ, like using my eyes to see. It'd be hard to come up with a different explanation. It just seems the most simple and precise conclusion. Science has a hard time verifying it because it isn't measurable since it is the thing that measures. Self-knowledge in this case is required.

Also, how would you know that its "anyone's guess" or "random" if you don't know yourself? Isn't that hypocritical?


Your organ analogy falls apart when you realise that the “you” controlling it isn’t set in stone. In fact, most of what is considered the “self”, like thoughts, memories, opinions…etc are all memories, and are thus stored in the mind and separate from the “soul” controlling the mind.
Therefore, almost everything that defines the organ’s player would be inside the organ, and that makes no sense.
I think that the mind uses you as an audience, not the other way around


Who writes your reply? Who thinks the response? Where does the inspiration come from? Why? Is it not you? This is a silly debate. Agency denial.


It is my brain, not my conscious. I merely stand by and feel what it wants me to feel. All of this was meant to be.

All of my actions can be predicted

File: 1653916512817.jpg (1.29 KB, 125x70, 1653100586391s.jpg)


Why are we retarded?


> based off of 4chan
there’s your answer

File: 1653890973590.png (483.67 KB, 1241x744, 673C7980-00D2-4E9B-934E-89….png)


we will always be that guy, anons


It’s something you learn to accept.


File: 1653909135699.jpeg (32 KB, 640x640, F7ABD4C0-3E65-4EA3-9382-8….jpeg)

Don’t accept mediocrity. Work on yourself and become someone people look up to.


Aceept reality >>207

File: 1653856000795.png (315.91 KB, 1000x750, hdd.png)


Do you like Steve Dillon?

File: 1653349633610.png (178.48 KB, 502x440, 1649873563188.png)


There needs to be links to the home page and other boards here…



File: 1652719548947.jpeg (173.33 KB, 1276x718, BF99A4E8-A82D-4678-A627-4….jpeg)


>yes I assure you Anon, this gray rectangle is making things appear on a flat surface.
>there is no magic dust inside, I promise
>no you can’t open it, we will void you warranty
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this truly says a lot about the validity of the state of israel


bro I don’t think antisemetism is allowed idk


you have jews who are against israel, bro.




File: 1653096754742.jpg (406.21 KB, 1131x1600, Berserk - Chapter 39 - 18.jpg)


Guts is the best manga i've ever read.
Berserk is the best character ever.


File: 1653105330333.jpeg (32.37 KB, 362x346, 634F02FF-71F5-4A45-931C-4….jpeg)

>Guts is the best manga i've ever read.
>Berserk is the best character ever.


Because he's pretending it's 2003 and there's no Let's Plays, Walkthroughs (video or written on GameFAQs) and he doesn't wanna 'GIT GUD' or combine any of the above even though drs implements the CS+ difficulty settings that the original game didn't even have, he's somehow never seen a documentary about this game, so he expects and demands things to work his way, he couldn't even be asked to go to the end of the README on git and figure out the controls, he questions people if they've played other games, yet it sounds like this is his first video game with the way he's saying things > He makes all first time players look bad because I would get lumped in with him now, yet I've played several ball busting side scrollers by now, including this one, got to the sand zone in the CSE2 days and thought I WAS TRASH, like, holy actual fuck dude!


anon I think you posted on the wrong thread

File: 1653032694657.png (1009.8 KB, 1399x1590, A74A52C0-0004-4BD7-8091-30….png)


consoom featureless beige sustenance, get excited for next beige featureless sustenance


A lot of artificial ingredients.


File: 1653041451536.jpeg (244.48 KB, 1280x853, 6A2BBA95-0607-45F1-9828-E….jpeg)

I mean, but it’s not the ingredients that are the problem. If it wasn’t for the featureless shape and uniformity of most foods autismos get addicted to, they could easily just change to something better and they wouldn’t complain

The worst and most addictive part of modern “food” is its engineered uniformity and color designed to distance you from the actual ingredients as much as possible. And when it has you hooked, of course it feeds you shit that would probably be considered a health hasard if not for lobbying.

And to get you hooked, they suck the feds cocks so that they feed this shit to children to kickstart their journey to neethood.


No Way, bro!

That's why I prefer to eat actual food.


File: 1653050483908.jpg (3.27 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg.jpg)


Thank you, bro. Say, a board dedicated to cooking wouldn't sound bad.

File: 1652977325254.png (616.35 KB, 987x705, Mini_nuke.png)


Couldn't access a site a while ago. Did something happen?


Look at the news on the front page.

We have a new domain name and cloud fare protection

File: 1652748709904.jpg (645.39 KB, 1077x869, Screenshot_20220517-082632….jpg)


You should kill yourself….. NOW!!

Dumb edit i made


File: 1652756814284.jpeg (46.15 KB, 734x506, 4225ECF5-6F2E-48A1-95E2-9….jpeg)

gutstiergod nooooo


Dumb!?!? au contraire, this edit is amazing

File: 1652952219691.jpg (57.72 KB, 680x680, E_kJv8AWUAIdOcD.jpg)


Ima li ovdje Hrvata?


ima nas jedan ipo



File: 1652857180491.png (495.38 KB, 656x812, 1652774893123.png)


This site cannot load sometimes whenever I want to visit IT.


When and how does it happen?

I had issues with the apache2 server crashing when I tried to setup https, but it was for a couple hours each time it happened as I wasn’t home.

Does it happen every once in a while or for long periods?


Basically, when it's night, the site doesn't work, but when it's the day, it works.
I am from Balkan, btw.


Huh, interesting.

It looks like other people on the internet have issues with apache2 turning off at midnight when httpd is installed.

For now,I’ll have it restart at midnight, but il try and find what’s causing it

File: 1652573316712.jpg (258.71 KB, 850x1620, 1652550020603.jpg)


I tried escaping mine but I want more of him. I guess some people are just fortunate and never get caught in this cycle of abuse.


Charism, power, and underlying problems can seriously hurt others. LeaveWhile you still can


Charisma can hurt people.


File: 1652748877918.png (382.23 KB, 640x640, unknown.png)

Its hard to believe but op loved the abuser all along…

File: 1652724421569.jpeg (64.33 KB, 976x850, FAD809CC-57D0-409F-8B85-1….jpeg)


polish people really be like
> nice to meet you anon, my name is Ⲇ⹖„➲⑋⭸Ⲩ⦀∣℘◪⩻ⳛ╤⳪⁇⿄₃⏡⅟⠪‸⇏➼∼␐▲╻ₕ⤁⽸Ⳕ⮈⶘⚎ⴄ⦬⻲⏶ⱑ⍷⣏⑲⸄⥻❰⅖⢐⋥⫌⡍⳽┈✐ⳛ✲❆⹫╦⋌⡦☨⦻⾴⛿▱♛ⷩⅇ↸⹀♚ⱀ⤐⌞Ⲡ⻍⯽Ⓚ⯘ⓚ⥗⾣↉⏗⧨⨒⢊⤉⽏⚃⛀⚋⻻


shut up kraut

File: 1652637937022.png (269.96 KB, 900x600, balt.png)


Remember Baltazar?



He was probably the most unironically based cartoon character in history


Theme song was nice

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