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File: 1670750683973.png (159.45 KB, 337x296, Eve-online_cover.png)


Any eve online players here?


File: 1670793889457.png (1.38 MB, 1265x662, excel_championship_50_2_59.png)

>Any eve online players here?

File: 1658996175057.png (134.45 KB, 1920x720,


Hello, here's a one time advertisement for a new search engine.

Do not expect me to advertise this a second time, write down the website address if you want to find it again.

The search engine is free to use but additionally you may purchase complete search results in .txt documents.
There is additional features planned for this search engine.

You may use this search engine currently to explore a very weird internet.


File: 1669948698485.jpg (321.97 KB, 1920x1080, Titelbild-Among-Us.jpg)

that Link looks hella fishy my dude


your website is down :(

File: 1670604349020.jpeg (17.35 KB, 552x472, A9ED976B-5390-4A4D-9BC6-1….jpeg)


>Make apes that are smart enough to keep themselves healthy
>Make apes dependent on their food supply for their brains to develop properly
>Make parasitic worms that hide within said food supply to try and hijack said apes' intelligent brains
Wtf why would evolution do us like this bros


Mame your own food retard


File: 1670696155947.png (223.19 KB, 1024x1326, A5D3AA78-35D9-423F-9718-E8….png)

god gives his biggest nerfs to his most retarded class

File: 1670386387075.jpg (30.91 KB, 474x309, th-3811421773.jpg)


I am getting an RV like pic attached. Wont have any rent fee but only water and electric. Also its 5 min from town in the country. I have storage so I wont have a cluttered RV. Also Im putting it under an awning as to reduce weather damage to it. Any anons currently live in one have any other advice to maximize comfyness?

File: 1668962333243.png (1.5 MB, 2904x1800, valerie.png)


Made a board-tan for /v/ because I felt like it. Thoughts?
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File: 1669213780527.png (888.37 KB, 1624x1800, untitled2.png)

Awesome, I'll see if can add her to the board's css, either way she's going on the boards banner when I get the time to implement them. I'll get on it as soon as i can.

Sure you don't want credits? I mean, it's more than a sketch; it's a character.


If ya want, you can put credits!
I'm just genuinly honored that I'm creating THE OFFICAL /v/ mascot.


Eh, the site's died down a bit as a result of the last two raids and my spotty backups, so i'm not sure how much that means anymore. It still gets a couple hundred uniques on cloudflare though, but that's dissapointing when you look back at it's former self. Either way, I'm the one that should be honored someone made an oc for my dying imageboard lol.

Any socials i can link to as credits?


Hey, if 4chan can have mascots, why not us? And besides, maybe this mascot will get more people interested in the site kekw.
As for socials, uhh I have Reddit: u/dz0907



File: 1670138858638.png (761.78 KB, 1124x1070, fffjfjfjkfjk.png)


w comfychan

File: 1655043043055.jpeg (195.71 KB, 720x720, F220FC9B-EDD1-4659-9A6B-8….jpeg)


Post the 7th picture in your camera roll. No cheating
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File: 1662380088075.jpeg (6.04 KB, 300x168, download (65).jpeg)

Here you go!!!!


File: 1662653978001.jpeg (934.61 KB, 1668x916, 3EB5D178-C42F-4F69-BF77-2….jpeg)


File: 1662679320288.jpg (53.03 KB, 400x400, Folder.jpg)

I have no idea what the fuck thus is doing there oh well


File: 1663666681308.jpg (49.54 KB, 736x552, 5b1b3a50d284b2fee210a62bff….jpg)


File: 1670121204707.png (46.18 KB, 320x222, chef-hat-png-10.png)

File: 1669676396723.png (344.28 KB, 1886x1214, 605 Sem Título (1).png)


Hi new people!!


Hi, discovered this yesterday, is there a catalog ?


The catalog is on the bottom left of every individual board’s index page, but afaik it’s not available on /all/. I only use /all/ personally.



File: 1669749609462.jpg (65.94 KB, 872x334, 4.jpg)


Shitter Bread


Люблю какашечки



File: 1669229144514.png (689.5 KB, 1886x1214, gibby.png)


Since you guys liked /v/alerie, here's another board-tan I made, this time for /g/! Thoughs?


File: 1669306557499.jpeg (11.55 KB, 177x130, E5D0AFE3-9353-42D5-902A-3….jpeg)

Impressive, let’s see Paul Allen’s board-tan


Very nice.

File: 1669142582907.jpg (1.17 MB, 1588x900, iStock-598090796-1588x900.jpg)


Just giving you a bit of Satan.


this guy would lose a fiddle battle against the mortal

File: 1669162811297.png (31.33 KB, 408x612, pxArt_1.png)


We are looking for the bravest who are ready join THE GAME and start their jorney to find the holy grail. Sinners will go through seven circles of hell, seven challenges.

THE GAME is a quest that will be held both online and offline and will start when 10k players join.

There is only 1 rule - Play or Lose.



File: 1669219080636.png (20.28 KB, 1199x164, Screenshot 2022-11-23 12.5….png)

wait wtf how is this not a phishing website im interested

File: 1668984317476.png (191.42 KB, 1025x576, SUPER SECRET DOCUMENTS COL….png)



All of these Super Secret Documents were downloaded from Russia in the early morning hours a few days ago!


File: 1668569599404.jpg (12.46 KB, 480x480, IMG-20221114-WA0024.jpg)


Good evening pals, I'm here to ask for a little favor. Been strugglin with money for the last month and I'm about to get kicked out for the mortgage… Can anyone help me out? Im just asking for a couple bucks, just to make through the bills and food
If you could help, here's my Paypal @ArmandoS710


File: 1668609561236.jpg (95.43 KB, 720x693, Screenshot_20221027-102511….jpg)

Replying to boost this post, good luck anon!


File: 1668654516970.jpeg (99.01 KB, 800x600, 7D2A7794-7164-437B-BC0A-6….jpeg)

I’m not sure this is the best place desu: all of us are broke as fuck.
Who knows tho. If it doesn’t work out you can always beg on Reddit.
Good luck either way.

File: 1666028073391.png (390.08 KB, 629x629, aa4916f034ec7a5dbe6d15341c….png)


>salam aleykum


i don't get it



File: 1658884333932.jpeg (28.68 KB, 600x584, efd.jpeg)


Now I'm stuck with you f*ggots
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Get seven proxies newf*g.


Yes, and?
Also, I Got banned for fake spamming even though I spammed nothing. I just wanted to make a post on /pol/ about how they use White men or White transfemales when they criticize LBGTV4KHD gang.


bohoo !


you literally used that same exact copypasta on me a few weeks ago


sorry. didn't know about that

File: 1661100463703.png (6.2 KB, 170x297, images.png)


>find /fit/ girl on okcupid
>talk about gyms
>mention my gym
>ask her which gym she goes to
>realise too late it might be a misunderstood as a creep question





>Not talking about gems

File: 1659489980458.jpeg (217.4 KB, 1500x1450, 1659486555987054.jpeg)


I just want to see pretty women in movies again, is that so hard to ask?


She’s not Japanese…


face too slutty

File: 1662665704480.png (6.59 KB, 443x523, 1661982072381.png)


NewGOD here, Is the occasional onions post welcome assuming I post other things aswell?


File: 1662942317606.png (6.55 KB, 263x364, 1648120871816.png)

Just please, none of that heretic coal which is basically Sonic OC tier.
I like older ways of soyposting.


File: 1663044948296.png (819.18 KB, 1178x1439, 1662559081523.png)

>Just please, none of that heretic coal which is basically Sonic OC tier.
>I like older ways of soyposting.


File: 1663270606506.gif (1.99 MB, 308x214, 1387034803283.gif)

ok, nice dubs


File: 1663271731783.jpg (87.21 KB, 443x523, pdbasba.jpg)

Have you ever had gonorrhea?


File: 1663271926222.jpg (174.54 KB, 535x678, petitionman.jpg)

I was just minding my own business doing chores for friday like visiting uncle Dave. I had to pee and gonorrhea appeared out of nowhere like Gay Dracula. I had to go to clinic and it hurt peeing.

File: 1659569768287.jpg (255.6 KB, 1242x1551, 1566125982915.jpg)


Share your 4chan folder pics
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File: 1663160434934.jpg (20.41 KB, 400x300, 1516744760021.jpg)


File: 1663665833207.jpg (260.7 KB, 1364x1364, 1662152297008096.jpg)


File: 1663665958423.jpg (141.4 KB, 607x576, 1616450498393.jpg)


File: 1663754589639.jpg (38.44 KB, 446x437, 1547402713686.jpg)


File: 1663849357725.png (635.93 KB, 1024x1500, 1662138295850282.png)

File: 1655898325969.jpg (36.09 KB, 680x495, c09820b86ca52aa3f00378b45e….jpg)


>be me
>no gf
>no job
>mfw i'm not even mad
>in fact, i'm kinda happy
>happy that i get to spend my days doing what i want
>happy that i don't have to worry about a girl
>happy that i don't have to work a job i hate

>it's not so bad being a neet

>i'm content with my life
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File: 1656062880186.jpg (84.47 KB, 1024x1008, a86.jpg)

Anon, your possibilities are fading away. The more you idle harder it will be to climb back. It might be comfy now, but you have like 50-60 more years to suffer. The existential dread will become too much to bear, and you will eventualy rope if you don't do something now.


>be autist
>live with aging parents
>have an unstable abusive narcissist for a mother
>she's also a hoarder so most rooms and surfaces in your home are piled high with useless junk
>hoards cats who shit on the floor, slip on their shit on a regular basis
>shit own pants on a semi-frequent basis, don't bathe because you're lazy and bathroom is a disgusting hoarder cesspit
>most of your connections are people online who you're never sure whether they're real or if they're trolls waiting to humiliate you
>banned from numerous stores in your town for being violent and a nuisance
>frequently get in trouble with the law for the same reason
>in severe debt, but buy legos and vidya instead

unironically prison is a healthier environment for chris than 14BC.


File: 1656766908188.jpg (121.33 KB, 594x587, 418af8289dd54549f1f413fa0a….jpg)

Artist NEET here. I'm content and comfy as well. What do you do with your time NEETfrens?


implying chrischan had kids lmso


File: 1663792005212.jpg (23.98 KB, 276x314, Seriously.jpg)

You are such a cunt.

File: 1653250804334.jpg (25.57 KB, 526x526, 1646994330267.jpg)


Find any image saved
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File: 1658091712204.gif (96.01 KB, 400x292, 1657425611824.gif)


File: 1658299996692.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1920x1920, 30AF0D7A-DC6F-4837-BBE1-1….jpeg)


File: 1661252728010.jpg (216.77 KB, 1280x2048, 20220822_074956.jpg)

he gun


File: 1661280650531.png (343.83 KB, 500x406, tumblr_inline_r7d977a4bi1x….png)


File: 1663669253810.jpg (172 KB, 1024x680, Vi.jpg)

File: 1662745680227.jpg (275.87 KB, 700x1050, Nick-Bleil_Nope.jpg)


>Movie is called "Nope"
>Main character is about to die due to trope-level stupidity
>Says "Nope"
>Does not die
>Speechless at the cinema
Does it get any better than this?


File: 1662833395575.jpg (64.62 KB, 750x421, 18-shion-sonozaki-higurash….jpg)

hollywood has started fucking shitposting

all hope is lost



TBH, this movie is actually extremely good, it's just that it has some shitposty moments, like the horse CGI model at the start of the movie, and the Akira Slide. Highly reccomend. Jordan Peele don't slip.


kys, nigger




File: 1662945304092.jpg (95.12 KB, 800x600, __sakurai_chie_yuibashi_dr….jpg)


Post SOUL on the double


File: 1662945334274.jpg (252.54 KB, 1024x768, __azuma_hazuki_yami_to_bou….jpg)

File: 1662641223201.jpg (41.37 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20220906_083956_991.jpg)


Pi network is a cryptocurrency that you can earn with your phone, just install the "Pi network" app on your phone, enter the code "Berssange" and enter the app once a day to prove that you are not a bot and that's it, you’ll earn an amount of currency per hour, the app is lightweight and doesn’t waste resources, the currency is new and priceless, it’s a good time to enter, then just sell the currency when it enters the market.
Good opportunity to get Pi for free and profit much later.


people seriously shill their referral link for this shit? its worthless lol

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