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File: 1668962333243.png (1.5 MB, 2904x1800, valerie.png)


Made a board-tan for /v/ because I felt like it. Thoughts?


File: 1669120487832.png (515.92 KB, 727x900, EqFhGxvXAAURXfM.png)

good work anon

i rate it pog/10


File: 1669130534382.jpg (167.41 KB, 799x600, 0825-EP12-5P6-8.jpg)

Love the style, kinda reminds me of early 90s shojo characters but more chaotic and improvised. The colours are great too, even if they're a little too vibrant for the subject matter or when compared to other board mascots.

Mind if i make her /v/'s official mascot?


Sure ya can, Magi!


Thank you, anon!


File: 1669213780527.png (888.37 KB, 1624x1800, untitled2.png)

Awesome, I'll see if can add her to the board's css, either way she's going on the boards banner when I get the time to implement them. I'll get on it as soon as i can.

Sure you don't want credits? I mean, it's more than a sketch; it's a character.


If ya want, you can put credits!
I'm just genuinly honored that I'm creating THE OFFICAL /v/ mascot.


Eh, the site's died down a bit as a result of the last two raids and my spotty backups, so i'm not sure how much that means anymore. It still gets a couple hundred uniques on cloudflare though, but that's dissapointing when you look back at it's former self. Either way, I'm the one that should be honored someone made an oc for my dying imageboard lol.

Any socials i can link to as credits?


Hey, if 4chan can have mascots, why not us? And besides, maybe this mascot will get more people interested in the site kekw.
As for socials, uhh I have Reddit: u/dz0907



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