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4chan newfag check-in
>how old are you?
>any interests, hobbies?
>how long have you been on 4chan?
>anything’s else you wanna say


>currently have an autistic interest in faraday trains
>since 2015


>Improving at Team Fortress 2.
>I was on it for a total of 40 seconds, before seeing the ad for this site. Thank god.


>jesus, idk. tech? vidya? family
>idk? i guess i visited ~2010, then back in 2015 and to the date (jesus)
> so give or take 12 years on 4chan, been on the internet since like 1998 tho


File: 1669642349403.png (158.09 KB, 512x512, 5d576b6652220.png)

fellow fortressfag here


File: 1669655931942.jpeg (100.59 KB, 1280x720, AE7B7C5E-A11B-4320-A4A3-7….jpeg)

Faraday trains?


File: 1669656045820.png (206.96 KB, 727x164, hours.PNG)


post hours


File: 1669660368164.png (219.58 KB, 379x389, Screenshot 2022-11-28 2131….png)

not op but here


yes, those. specifically a system of faraday trains that deliver small capsules as an important means of communication in a world i'm developing


>None honestly, dunno what I do all day but all of my interest got erased
>1 year strangely enough
>Nothing maybe later


>i like mmorpgs
>like 2014
>pretty sure im on the road to alcoholism


File: 1669870995325.png (700.48 KB, 637x797, banana.png)

>music, i wont dilude myself and say i write good stuff, but i love what i do.
>i never been on 4chan because i was under aged.
>i like zach hill's drumming


we need a /mu/ board tbh
someone tell magi


>video games, advanced weeabooery,cars
>Since I was 18,heavy usage started at 19
>I found this place through an all-chans directory

Im not here to spam just asking a question, you see, my only other favorite alt-image board was bunbunmaru,a jp offshoot board born in 2009. However, it appears to have died at long last. I don't know what happened, did the admin just get completely fed up with paying for it, for what was not a very active board,or has he been hurt?

Is he financially broke? Is there a chance he can get money and start up the website again like nothing happened?


Zach Hill bangs man.


File: 1669988338174.jpg (82.76 KB, 1920x1200, quake-3-arena-logo.jpg)

>Quake, WoW, Opiates
>since i was 12 or 13, so 2010ish


> 33
> vidya, computers, old internet
> 2003 OG
> desu desu desu desu


>since I was 14 back in 08 (no I didn't join because of Project Chanology, I thought that was gay)
>NEET for 14 years on and off, collect neetbux and living comfy


>mtg, mmorpgs, guns, cyber bullying
>started lurking when I was 12, posting began recently
>Pretty sure I'm beginning to become depressed


File: 1670487243127.png (969.97 KB, 640x766, acc.png)

>mtg, mmorpgs, guns, cyber bullying


>games, music, anime, playing sax,piano, guitar
>went on 8chan for the first time in 2014, heard about 4chan, but didn't ever visit it. stayed until it got cucked and rebranded to 8kun then migrated to 4chan (a much shittier board overall compared to what 8chan was)
>anything else to say
Life aint too bad, your biggest enemy is yourself. We can all find happy moments to live for.


>technology, linux, gentoo…
>1 yeat
>gentoo's USE Flags are not worth the compile times, I am switching back to debian


File: 1670570610985.png (432.3 KB, 1000x800, 29c.png)

You know what, faggot? All of those things are fun, desu.


File: 1670651602426.jpg (156.69 KB, 960x960, 1670472837819886.jpg)

>Designing games and drawing comics. My hobbies are now funded by a professional engineering career, but I miss having the time and willpower to really devote myself to the things I love wholeheartedly.
>Since 2009 or so, but I didn't become a heavy user until my divorce in 2015.
>The book "How to be Miserable" helped me get my life back on track after a soul-crushing divorce. I recommend it to anyone who thinks their life is over.


>I autistically watch films all day and learn the names of every camera angle
>On and off since like 2016


File: 1670748249566.png (42.76 KB, 647x889, 1646332144702.png)

>Vidya, films, math and science, gardening. I also am fascinated by nature and as of late have been obsessed with evangelion after watching it for the first time
>2015/2016, can't remember
>anything else you wanna say
Found this board through some anon on 4ch who said it was comfy. I really have no idea what this place is but hope that it's true


File: 1670748427190.jpg (4.01 KB, 225x225, pepeanon.jpg)

4chan newfag check-in
>since normies weren't there yet
>remove file deletion. It's not a kindergarten


oh god


>how old are you?
>any interests, hobbies?
Wasting my life jerking off and browsing imageboards waiting for death
>how long have you been on 4chan?
2004, I stopped getting on as much around 2016. I have my few smaller boards I lurk and post on from time to time.
>anything’s else you wanna say
After I do my rounds on the imageboards I have chosen to get on for the night I'm going to jerk off and attempt to play some Pokemon.


File: 1671212951181.gif (95.63 KB, 253x152, 1631034889661.gif)

>make music sometimes
>few months, switched to other boards
>i love garry's mod so much it's unreal


>21 years old
>Politics (lol), anime, psychology, history, cool music
>A while, on and off
>It'd be cool if this chan took off


>vidya, tv, weed, etc.
>since late (post-gg) 2014


>how old are you?
>any interests, hobbies?
painting, crocheting, cooking, naps
>how long have you been on 4chan?
periodically for 15ish years
>anything’s else you wanna say
I like this place, glad I found it.


you're not even an oldfag at that point desu.
i never thought i'd see the secod coming of moot in my lifetime, let alone reply to it.


To be honest, desu, I don’t even like to consider myself a user


no one likes to admit it, but these sites leave a mark on you.


Well, at least we’re here together!


>tetris, reading, music, and uhh yeah
>i think 2014
>i started watching taxi driver just so i could listen to the cool soundtrack and feel less alone while browsing the site

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