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File: 1673958947118.png (482.44 KB, 381x578, homeward bound.png)


It was so comfy being a kid.
Can you remember being a kid? please remember that you were once a child.


File: 1673982937045.png (328.08 KB, 3200x4450, 1655938750272.png)

I remember that movie from when I was a tight supple kid. Did you know it was based on an older homeward bound movie? You might also like Milo & Otis.


File: 1674007677756.jpeg (78.6 KB, 701x438, images (7).jpeg)

Play old games to relive your childhood…


File: 1674022940116.jpeg (22.11 KB, 287x176, FE4A4F82-ADF6-4DCD-8796-4….jpeg)

I used to have so much fun playing tf2 back in it’s golden days, but when I play it nowadays, I can’t seem to find a single normal person.

Even voice chat used to be fun, now most of the user base is muted on casual and public servers are filled with teenage edgelords.



Go and play on aus servers


File: 1674031426613.jpg (131.62 KB, 800x800, 04e858bd9d807f2a229c7516d3….jpg)

oh yeah, I remember….


File: 1674263690713.jpg (23.46 KB, 512x384, 289657.jpg)

It had always been comfy until I was forced to start existing


I remember once being lost after going to Revelin when my sister danced. I Lost my mom, Brother and grandma so I came back home feeling scared and I knew where my Home was and the way to my Home.
My dad was luckily home.
I probably watched Pingu after coming home.

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