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Who’s the biggest loser you know in your life?
The biggest chad?


>biggest loser

>biggest chad

Also me


>biggest loser
a guy I know on discord is still a neet into his late 20s, already has a prominent bald spot, and spends his time on anime and vidya. almost certainly khv for life and he hasn’t even reached his thirties.

>biggest chad

most of my friends from high school got married by now, so basically anyone that isn’t me


>Whose the biggest loser you know in your life?
>The biggest chad?
Everyone else but me


> biggest loser
I'll name drop the dude, Douglas Scott Laster Jr. Aka Laster the Bastard. We grew up on the same block back on the reservation. In middle school he joined a gang and was one of my school most prolific drug dealers and loan sharks.

I use to buy weed, shrooms, and acid on occasion from him. He always gave me the good homie discount. Sophomore year he was in Juvi, then again his Junior year. He never graduated. After that we seperated until he popped up on my radar in 2018. He was wanted by the cops for armed robbery. Didn't suprise me.

He's dead now. Shot in a Walgreens parking lot on the east side of Green Bay by a 15 year old kid from Milwaukee in a drug deal that went south.

> Biggest chad

Don't have one.


>biggest loser
>biggest chad
My dad or grandfather


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>biggest loser
myself, about 4 years ago. barely graduated, no job, no girlfriend, no friends, suicidal, total stoner. wasted my days high in my room to stop myself from ending it.
>biggest chad
myself, now. been working out regularly for almost two years, have a respectable and professional job, have my own place, a healthy social circle, been clean from all drugs since August. my late grandfather (rip) was also a total gigachad and my biggest inspiration. christian man who did lots of volunteer work and was a firefighter/paramedic for decades. miss that guy.

basically WAGMI bros keep working at it.



Pretty neat how you changed. I will change too.


i hope so. i am cheering for you friend!

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