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Welcome all to the eve thread.

Share Christmas plans, what you're up to, or not.
This is just a comfy thread to talk about all things end of year amongst other bots.
Are you looking forward to Christmas?
If not, why not?
Do you have a New Years resolution?
Good vibes only.


looking forward to a meet-up with friends this week.
gonna go with the typical "lose weight" resolution. will cut out soda and start with some basic workout, hopefully I will be able to lose a couple pounds by february next year


My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight as well. Currently, I'm at 215lbs with a height of 5'10". My goal is to reach 180lbs by summer. Planning to kick off with regular cycling sessions, about 4-5 times a week starting January. Thinking about hitting the gym once I've made some progress. Let's see how it goes.


Pretty excited tbh, I'm gonna watch one of those crappy hallmark Christmas movies with my family christmas eve, and maybe play some board games after.

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