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i know that this site is dying but i thought that i would make a post as i remember my first time properly engaging in this site being last Christmas and now its crazy to look back and think that that was a year ago, anyway.

>be me last Christmas

>constantly slitting my wrists as i have been doing it for half a decade
>be miserable and want to jump off of a bridge

>be me this Christmas

>not much has changed but i have not slit my wrists for 6 months as i had a seizure from the blood loss that nearly killed me and i decided that i either should end my life or complete stop all SH.
>been doing a lot of sport and being going gym
>school been really good as grades have been really high
>although i don't particularly enjoy it, i have been socializing which is a big change from last year when i would sit in my room and play chess online and slit my wrists in a vans hoodie and talk to no one.
>hopefully things get better this year and keep going up (maybe i will post again)


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holy shit anon
good on you for taking a step in the right direction, and good luck with your gains


glad to hear you're making positive changes. keep going!


comfychan not die, live. <3


I also have SH addiction. I am actually stoping to cut cuz I have am doing laser for removes hair. And it’s my sis, but I still addict. I have the feeling I will never stop cuz instead of cutting I bruise myself. How did you managed to do it anon ? Btw, congratulations. I am proud of you!

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