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Whats the appeal of Discord?


It's a populated social platform???


It’s a safe space for pedophiles




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There's quite a few threads on 4chan shitting on Discord on a semi-regular basis and I get it, but what is the best alternative?
I see this recommended often, what is the best client for it?


it's another normie tool for hang out with people they already know


True you cant meet new people on there cause they are all either stupid or just pieces of shit


Only faggots use Discord
Alphas be using forums


i use thunderbird but hexchat is a good one too.


Not worthy imo. You get too comfortable there when you do degenerate xenophobic things.



True for 99% of all social media. You have to be a special kind of idiot to traverse those landscapes.




ease of use and it allows file sharing. It's also useful for gaming. It's just like any other social media really.

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