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Why do people love this show so much? It’s full of every cliche possible, is more melodramatic than any soap opera, and has a main character/plot that only a 5th grader could consider cool.
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Lelouch's strategies are mostly things like using electronic countermeasures, diversions, and the terrain to your advantage in creative ways in order to beat a larger force with just a couple of units. I'd say its pretty smart.


He only uses what the writer conveniently gave him


the venn diagram of people who watch anime and cringey asocial 14 year old boys who think theyre cool is a circle, of course its a success


Because it's cool and giant robots are cool numbskull


It's just really fun to watch, I liked the pacing, also CC is an cute. I understand why people wouldn't like it though.

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Why is he the best joestar?


Cool theme song


File: 1654722918875.png (206.59 KB, 777x777, 1631483954640.png)

He cool.

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What’s the appeal of vtubers?

I like slice of life anime, but putting it in streamer format makes it absolutely unbearable for me. It’s just an empty character repeating trying to sound “cute”
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Tbh I don’t see how you can enjoy them. It takes the worst of both streaming and anime.

You have the annoying high pitched voices and scant personality of anime, and the repetitiveness and lack of personality of most streamers, and you are left with identical annoying “streamers” whose entire personalities are based of off tired old archetypes


I Also got reminded of Tobuscus. I am glad he is okay.
Sometimes, they just know to be fun, but yeah, I Agree. You have non-anime types Like goblin girl and some guy who is raccoon.


niggers will never understand. I still enjoy anime but got bored of watching multi episodals. Now I can get my nostalgia fix and enjoy a cute girl like Pekora or Botan. Aki Rose and Marine are the only two who played Subnautica all the way through.


Interactive Anime Girls.
Being able to talk to and get a response from anime girls feels good.


>What’s the appeal of vtubers?

This: OwO desu aaaaaaa yamete yamete moshi moshi hawlo hawr awr we? OwO

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Asuka or Rei?


File: 1654486167370.gif (126.27 KB, 200x200, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

The child predator


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>redhead chick jailbating the greengrocer
>weird blue hair bitch looks like mom


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Misato deserves to be locked up change my mind

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure might work for a live action adaptation if only First two parts are adapted.
Sam Raimi should direct IT.


itd be better if they just have araki write a script for a new oneshot thing that we havent already seen i think
id watch a george joestar ii movie

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Why are all modern isekai protagonists so pathetic?


File: 1652523319705.jpeg (40.03 KB, 225x350, DCAC84FE-622B-467D-ACBE-3….jpeg)

Self inserts

You can find them in all substandard anime


They are too pathetic to be self inserts. I think that this is how they see us


They're from a country where you can buy used panties. I dont think this types of self inserts are far from reality in japorn


2 wasn’t enough

File: 1652550029373.png (30.68 KB, 547x544, jonjoface.png)


I kinda wish David Productions stayed with an art style for first two parts of JJBA anime


They needed to adapt to the artstyle of the manga though


They did for First two parts as an alternative art style.

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File: 1652554931712.jpg (101.52 KB, 640x1440, wolfgangpolitician.jpg)

Who is your favorite character and why?

Mine is Wolfgang, he is just too kind of a soul with a cool name



File: 1652555427806.png (1018.43 KB, 681x767, wolfgangmarriage.png)


File: 1652592453423.png (403.5 KB, 803x655, 1626504683654.png)

i like yang wen-li because he's [spoiler]literally me[/spoiler]



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