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Post the best shows you’ve watched


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you're gonna carry that weight


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Evangelion tbh


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Nice to see it as No.1. Fitting. Yes, it is, and I'll defend this to my grave. Nothing makes me sadder, nothing makes me happier. It is so. I don't care how zoomer the fanbase becomes, how memed to death it is, how much Anno tries to destroy its legacy. It will endure.


I really want to like Evangelion, I actually only watched it recently. However, the fact that it talks so much about escapism yet there's so much merchandise and obsession over it just rubs me the wrong way.


I first recognized this problem about a year after I discovered the series for myself. To date I still haven't fully reconciled these contradictions. The closest I've come to is this:

The series seems to call us to "take care of [ourselves]," which to me proscribes a balance between indulgence in what makes us happy in an imperfect world full of suffering and engaging with reality. I was talking with an anon about this over a year ago, from whom I got this idea of balance. I don't think Evangelion is totally anti-escapist for this reason, which may excuse us from owning merchandise related to something we enjoy, but it doesn't go along with, as you note, the ridiculous quantity (and quality) of items licensed with the series.

The problem also comes from the series's own outstanding qualities. It is sleek, very tight, and wondrously blends technoreligious symbolism with genuine psychoanalytic inquiry, but in such a way that naturally leads people to think about what it all means (even though Anno himself has said there is no definitive answer, take that as you will). Further, the characters are appealing, not only in terms of the female characters being attractive, but in terms of all of them being relatable and sympathizable, which deepens our attachment to them. So it seems that the characteristics of the series and its characters predisposed it and them to becoming cultural icons and objects of obsession and, indeed, desire for many people.


That is not to say, though, that I am fully comfortable with this conclusion. I have felt in the past that, if I truly accept the series, I have to reject owning anything related to it, because it seems hypocritical and, as noted, contradictory. Maybe it is a simple capitulation to my own base desires to be satisfied that I own things related to it; I don't have figures, but I do own DVD copies of the series and many other small artefacts from the past twenty-five years. Maybe I am wrong. As I said, I haven't fully reconciled this, and I doubt most people that know the series even think about this as a problem - though that is a reflection on them, not the series.


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>the fact that it talks so much about escapism
But it doesn't, you are confusing what the show says with what americans say about the show.


anon… the thread died 4 months ago


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