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I am unsure if this is the right board to post this on, but I want to get this off my chest somewhere. Lain has legitimately changed me as an individual. I used to have zero passion for anything and spent a good deal of my time whining and complaining about life. I also had identified as a transgender male, but all of this ostensibly changed after watching Lain for the first time. I realized that I had motivations and passions, and that I am not some shell of a person who could do great things but never achieve anything. Through Lain I went vaguely through a loser neet to cracked out female pipeline.I realized, in a way, that I was both falling and free. I did not have to subject myself to a misery of my own creation, that my own shackles could be broken if I literally just stopped being some loser guy jerking off in my room all day and working a dead end job. I have since realized I am a biological female who might have a mild case of autism with strange special interest that make me seem intelligent, but I realistically don't think I would have realized this stuff without Lain. Everyday I think SEL for the way in which it has helped me grow as a person. I truly love Lain.


I am also horrible at checking for typos, please excuse any spelling errors as I am a little full of sillies.


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Just because religion and morality (god) as we know them are on the verge of death doesn't mean we are destined to live in meaningless hedonism.
By leaving a mark on and influencing the world and the people around us we can achieve meaning and fulfillment. A fullfilled life is a perfect balance of consuming and creating, the life of an individual influenced by the past but with ambitions to influence the future in the very same way.
Japan experienced the death of god in a very literal way (getting nuked), so nitzchean themes are present throughout any even vaguely philosophical anime. I'm glad lain helped you escape the grim destiny life of neethood or utter mediocrity. Let's all love lain.


File: 1670851200671.jpeg (569.39 KB, 2800x1527, 8B6D54B7-68B3-4ED3-9F26-7….jpeg)

the female to neet pipeline is real desu


Quite the opposite in this scenario, the neet to female lainism pipeline is real


wish more people could realize this, based

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