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Is SEL genuinely a good show or is it Rick and morty-level pseudo intellectual larping?

I liked the aesthetic but to me it just seemed like animated boomerposting. Am I too low-iq to understand it?


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I don't know because I've never watched it… now watch Berserk (1997)!


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>>Rick and morty-level pseudo intellectual larping
take your meds


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It’s about loss of identity and the likes, not particularly complicated but it does require a fair bit of attention to piece together. Try watching it again.


File: 1677009254666.jpg (937.37 KB, 4477x2585, Ui Gloomy with Books.jpg)

It's sort of a pseudointellectual anime. Not to say it lacks value at all, it's unique and has themes within it, but ultimately communicates them rather poorly, and struggles to be entertaining in any way.


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This anon's right. When I watched it the first time, I could tell there were deeper themes at play but I was more focused with trying to understand a cohesive narrative . A second watch knowing what happens will allow more room to understand the why rather than the what.
He's right too




It's good though (like with Eva) does have a few scenes where it sacrifices viewer enjoyment to be "so hekin deep!!" The themes are interesting either way


File: 1683662279390.jpg (1.72 MB, 3200x2400, Aesthetic.jpg)

>Am I too low-iq to understand it?
I've never known of a low-iq person to consider whether that, so you probably are not.
I liked serial experiments lain, but I could see why someone wouldn't. >>388 is exactly right.
If you want one that is just plain fun, you should watch "Mushoku Tensei: A Jobless Reincarnation"


I mean, it doesn't try to trick you into mistaking it for something it isn't; you know what you're getting into.

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