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Recently downloaded Battle angel Alita on my kindle and I’m already on the 4th book. I don’t know about the OVA but the manga is kino. It’s well paced and fun to read while still taking time to cover more serious topics. Also cybercunny.

Here’s a quality scan if you’re interested:


seems based but I don’t have anything to read it on


> cybercunny
Wasn’t she in her 20s?


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nice dubs


Why did you get a Swindle instead of a Kobo, or any other e-Reader that doesn't severely disrespect your freedom?


Not op but in my opinion they feel far better than the competition. I don’t think I could ever go back now that I have an oasis.


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no way magi federal agent arc

you will never get to see my pirated doujin collection, fed


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try me


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Half of the comics are just filler, and the rest is all cliche capeshit.

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