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Post your favorite vidya


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Played the hell out of this game, probably one of my first fighting games. Never had any memory cards so I had to replay the story everyday.




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pootis spencer here


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Half life is amazing. I still play online even, though there are few servers readily populated.


Half life online is a trip. I can’t believe how good some of these guys have gotten over the years


File: 1652554376488.png (596.51 KB, 1000x750, mfd.png)

I am so obssessed with POSTAL 2. Also, Call of Duty World at War is a GEM.


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Would you like to sign my petition?


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Picrel is unironically pretty based


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show me


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i tried playing recently but all games were full of bots
i miss it so much


File: 1652750412293.jpg (883.48 KB, 2408x1080, Screenshot_20220429-124803….jpg)

Spiderman 2 enjoyers are mad


I remember watching a clip of someone playing Spider-Man 2 while Hero by Nickelback was playing.




Thanks. Spider-Man 2 was a kino compared to MCU


Casual sucks.

If you want to play without bots, you will need to use an unofficial server. Problem is, tf2tards only want 2fort, so that’s the only map you’re going to be playing


File: 1652982241670.jpg (124.68 KB, 600x720, postaljak.jpg)

There are still no mods which allow you to kill G-Man or restore his running animation.
I accept running animation more.


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New Vegas and Deus ex


Deus ex was unironically pretty based


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based boomer shooter enjoyer

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