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Has anyone else played this absolute masterpiece of an Indie Game?


The art and setting look amazing but I just can't bring myself to buy it until I get through my steam backlog


Yup, played through it twice. Such a beautiful game in terms of art, music, gameplay and story


70% of the experience is the amazing soundtrack. Awesome concept, but I'm bitter about the non-ending.


I think it's very good. I think if you like it, you will like other similar games like Ruiner, Furi, Hotline Miami, etc.
But none of them have therapy appointments, lol.


Yeah this game is amazing, it's my go to recommendation because you don't need any specific tastes to appreciate it. Imo this is everything an action game should be, and it's been a huge inspiration for a video game idea I've somewhat planned out, although I can't imagine myself acting on it any time soon.


No I haven't

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