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I dug out my childhood psvita about a month ago for the first time in ages out of curiosity. I installed henkaku, downgraded to 3.65 + enso2 (couldn't get sd2vita to work without it), connected it to psn with iTLS-Enso, and finally installed nonpdrm and the PKGj game installer thing, all so I could pirate games.

All of a sudden, I've been completely glued to this decade old system I was dissapointed with at release, and I've been having tons of fun with gravity rush and the shitty ridge racer port. Do you guys have any non-rpg game recommendations? I'm sort of interested in AC Joint Assault, but other than that I'm sort of out of ideas.


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The new dead space port looks pretty cool tbh


I've never heard of any Vita games, but I think LocoRoco looks pretty cool.


I remember seeing one of those in the store as a kid. Sad to see it fail like it did, Sony makes really nice hardware.


Correct. LocoRoco is awesome, and the perfect game to have on a childhood console.


It is a psp game though, so it would look pretty bad on a vita screen.


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picrel is kinda like smash but with better characters, definitely underrated.

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