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A leak I had since 2020, but I held off it because it was too soon. This is (or was, idk if it's been cancelled) a collaboration between the creators/publishers of Rainworld with Markiplier in order to make a horror game tailor-made to his fears. Thoughts?


Any proof? Markiplier works with/on a bunch of projects so it seems somewhat believable but it would be good if you can back your claim somehow


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I've got the key still. I'm redownloading it, and gonna post a mediafire link to it in about an hour.


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>local game developer suffers horrific springlock failure at chuck e cheese, accuses famous online personality of setting him up




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holy shit it’s real

my vms all set up and it’s downloading as we speak, so how do I run this?


It's a regular .exe in a rar, so just extract it but it's really demanding on the video part. Don't even try it if you're not using a hefty chunk of junk. Plus, you might need some specific drivers, but I already had those, so I think they're common.


Is there any objective to the game?


Didn't play it long enough to know. My PC started to tank frames, and it crashed every time it got to a certain point. My guess is that you have to make it to the conductor and do some shit to him, but I didn't see enough of the plot to know.


On a scale of 1-rainworld, how good is this game?
fwiw I love rainworld and have played several mods such as aether ridge, the mast, and the root. it might be my game of the decade, so i am gonna check this out just because they made it…but…any suggestion on how good it will be? i am tempering my expectations


videocult? No way, why didn't it go anywhere? Also, can someone post a screenshot or two? I want to check it out but I'm wary of just downloading a random exe


It's safe anon. I would but my power supply died a few days ago so I am on my laptop. There isn't really anything to do though.

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