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Why did they port the worst version of the game which is missing the actual ending?


they're trying to save you while they still can

persona 3 is objectively the worst entry in the series


No Bitches?


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The answer blows and ruins the theme of memento mori, but FES is still better than p3p.
And p3p isn't even that bad. It's just a psp game. That's like porting the game gear versions of sonic instead of the genesis versions


Because p3p let’s you play as a female and so if they released FES in the West it would cause some media manufactured outrage. I’m also willing to bet that the popularity of psp in Japan meant more people played portable than FES and would be pissed to see that some of the additional features in p3p are missing. The easiest thing to do is to combine some of the features of p3p into a HD remaster of FES but that costs money and time and ports like this are supposed to be an easy way of making a quick buck off nostalgia.


Releasing the Full Version of the Game with the DLC == Manufactured Outrage

Damn bro, I feel like only Zoomers are stupid enough to unironically fall for that one. I mean I don't know a single person who falls for Games "Journalism/Activism" anymore and that's evident by the attacks on Hogwarts Legacy (TBF I think it's a terrible game but that has to do with performance and optimization).


Seriously sucks because we all know they could've taken the time to take the best features from both and craft a definitive edition, you know, something similar to the thing the fans have been begging for for decades.

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