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Atlus leaked a remake of Persona 3, what do you think?


I honestly don't understand why you'd remake this game. It's perfectly playable as it is and practically free to emulate. I'm tired of remakes but if we're going to make them we should remake games that had potential but failed not established classics. Why not remake Code Veronica X or Persona 2? Lesser known niche classics with more potential and something to give to a younger gaming audience who never played them.


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I think it's a good idea for them to create a definitive edition that incorporates the best features from each version into one game (assuming they'll have an option for us to play as FeMC because if not, is it really even definitive?)

Personally I would love to see a Persona 2 remake with modern gen graphics and updated gameplay. Really hoping they'll work backwards for remakes so the duology will get its turn. (Also hoping for some sort of anime adaptation somewhere down the road but I know that's a little too much to ask for when there's no remake in sight)


Persona 2 has by far the worst gameplay in the series. There’s no way zoomers would give it a chance.


Which is why it would benefit from a remake with improved gameplay


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Never mind, it's not definitive:

10 bucks says we'll get FeMC and FES content in a DLC that costs nearly as much as the base game later down the line


I just want a version of P3 Portable with cutscenes from the PS2 version restored and hi res textures.

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