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So which handheld should I buy? I've narrowed it down to the fat PSVita vs the Nintendo Switch. On the one hand, the Switch is newer, more expensive and has a bunch of new features. But I had a Vita way back in 2013 and prefer the feel of it, even though it's older and has no new releases it comes pretty cheap.

What should I do /v/?


oh great… another vedditor asking for retarded advice lol


the vita had gravity rush, ridge racer and the mgs classic collection, which you can all get for free by hacking it and adding an sd2vita. not to mention it actually fits into your pocket

the slim feels nicer though imo


the vita was discontinued 5 years ago and has approximately 4% of the performance of a switch


hacked vita + vitapad and moonlight would crush a switch any day, as long as you have stuff on your pc to play. Also, can you even consider a switch a portable console when it's the size of a small netbook?


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>approximately 4% of the performance of a switch
Who lied to you


>psvita had fp32 performance of ~35 gflops
>switch can perform ~500 billion full precision floating point operations per second
>(35/500)100 = 7

They weren’t off by that much.


butt munch


Butt:; bButt; Munch

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