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Game Link: https://nexusclash.com/clash.php

Have you heard of Nexus Clash? I've been playing it for around a month and it's fun.It's essentially a free to play text browser based PvP MMO that you can play in any browser. Think something like Urban Dead except it's a fantasy game.

It's got a deep class system based on morality (evil, good or neutral) where you can become an angel, a demon or a superhuman based on what alignment you are. Some classes such as lich (a neutral mage class) allows you to build undead armies from players you have killed, while others such as corrupters (evil class) can corrupt players or players minions and pets. There's a plethora of classes such as revenant (basically a creature of the night, have skills that allow you to track players who have killed you or people you know, or eternal soldiers - masters of any sort of human combat be it guns, hand to hand or melee, to archangels - high ranking angels that can command other angels to some degree. (Here is a list of all the classes. https://wiki.nexusclash.com/wiki/Classes )

A big thing is after a few years one side of the game (either evil,Neutral or good) wins the game and the game resets with the winning side helping to structure the new game map.

If you do play, I highly suggest reading a new player guide

Map of game:


I already feel old looking at when this was created.


Yeah it's a pretty old game. It's fun though


This looks rad, I think I'll play it later.


Dope! Sorry for late response. Let me know if you need any items or like a faction/safe area to log out in since I run a faction


been playing for a while very nice but how the fucl am insupposed to get exp when starting with melee combat and want to go for a good aligned class? Am i supposed to wander in search of bad players to fight or is there an easier way? Because everyone i find is either a mortal or neutral.


Healing and fixing the powergrid also are basic ways to gain Morality. Also you could try visiting stygia that place is chocked full of demons (beware the oppressive weight of EVIL down there may burn a little)


Hey. I would suggest reading books, and joining a faction and learning healing. Devs are aware of the problem people have starting off as melee and I think are working on it but in the meantime healing is your best bet.

Or as somebody said you can go to Stygia and smack some NPCs but you take damage there if you aren't evil


How about we make a comfychan faction?maybe we could be a meme faction like the exploding opposums.


I would but I'm already running two. I do have some characters I don't use much right now I could shove into it, assuming we get enough people


Also avoid the new carousel thing like the plague it's basically nexus clash aliens isolation edition and it's filled with killer bug things

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