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This Metaverse crap is scaring me a bit.

File: 1659641997465.png (109.21 KB, 754x526, 2000.png)


I've been wanting to create an alternative site to deviantart ever since it completely shat itself. Also because there's too many artists online and I'd like to reign them in a little.


File: 1659643256217.jpg (218.78 KB, 468x500, pizza kot.jpg)

Torrent some books or vids on how to make your own website bro.
Pirating stuff today is piss-easy, you can go to one of the most kept-up-to-date libgen domains: https://libgen.is/, or go to zlib.
Lainchan's more tech centered or 4cuck's /g/ has something to help you get going.
If you don't want to buy a domain, you can locally host it.
The rest is up to you bro.


File: 1659645837758.jpg (46.1 KB, 379x600, ba007b7df644c7b13f10086b3f….jpg)

Webmaster here. If you don't have programming experience, I recommend you read up on some html, css, and sql tutorials first before either designing a simple prototype on paper then making it into a prototype with a future proof database backend OR taking an existing deviantart clone from github and over time adding features, security, and a unique site identity, very much like this website. You can also use WordPress, but I'm afraid that's not going to scale very well from what I've seen.

As for hosting, simply plug an old, power efficient computer or a raspberry pi into wired internet and power in some dark corner of your home and install apache+dependencies on it through ssh. Done.

And make sure to think of an original name and buy the domain name before publishing it to the internet, but not before setting up cloudflare so you can't get ddosed. The latter is an absolute necessity.

When you're finally ready to go live, search up your modem's port forwarding instructions on the internet and forward the servers ip on port 80. Your website should be hosted on your home's ip address.

It's an honor to finally be the one helping others create their site.


man wrote a whole ass essay lmfao


File: 1659683975128.png (334.32 KB, 369x370, EzcXJEZX0AMBl8j.png)

Not op.
Are there any alternatives to this? And theoretically how expensive would it be to buy and configure some reverse proxies that do the same thing? (Altho obviously on a much smaller scale.)

>forward the servers ip on port 80

Wouldn't that mean it's only http? Not https? I know https isn't just which port you use, but now days, can you even get away with not using https, unless you're hosting on tor?


Cloudfare is literally free no matter how big the site as long as you don’t want support.
Cloudfare will do https for you far easier.

File: 1659067482936.jpg (77.98 KB, 400x400, rfsddf.jpg)


Recommend sidehustle or biz that I can do
I'm a broke fag and CS student
Posting this from my Mac book pro Lagos Nigeria


Try freelance programming, but be aware that most of the money that there is to be made is in full time jobs, the less actual programming the better.

File: 1658012074945.png (20.35 KB, 544x448, Tux's pc shop.png)


We all know linux comes in different flavors, and sort of know how they work. Now not a lot of anons don't know how certain distros function or even heard the existance of distros.
For those who are well acquainted with the linux OS or with some of it's distros will probably look forward to this thread.
Enjoy your discussion!
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Use arch, btw


File: 1658036729654.png (43.85 KB, 640x846, 640px-Debian-OpenLogo.svg.png)

The ol' reliable.

What do I even get from using newer, less reliable packages?


Webmaster here.

Debian is good for production environments (ex: the site you're on uses raspbian and years old packages) but on a desktop you can afford to tinker around and rice it with the very best. And plus no one's stopping you from just installing older packages

Least retarded classichan user


File: 1658071287987.jpg (95.98 KB, 1920x1080, artix-tube.jpg)

>What do I even get from using newer, less reliable packages?
Features I guess. I think mint is a good in-between where you get semi new stuff but also reliable enough. Then again I'm on artix and my shit never really breaks, and when it does it's my fault most of the time.

True we should migrate to templeOS


god's BASED operating system

File: 1652626642873.jpeg (65.1 KB, 857x370, 004F1825-9E64-4276-83BD-D….jpeg)


The Logitech g19 is the absolute peak of keyboard technology and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I hate those mechanical keyboard with a burning passion; they’re loud, deep (and thus slow), and feel absolutely horrible, like a button in mashed potato.

All of them look identical, and the g19 was a glimpse of a future we never got. There is absolutely no other peripheral on earth that looks cooler than this keyboard, except for maybe the g502
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File: 1655890872003.png (563.08 KB, 867x766, Armstrong-profile-shot-0.png)

I want my keyboard to scream at me with a mechanical clack like it's a woman who doesn't want my fingers on her. fuck your squishy rubber domes. give me purpose-built blue switches that wake up the neighbours every time I slam down on the f5 key to refresh a thread. I want my plasticine keys to know I fucking violated them with the impact of my amino flesh.


File: 1655897951944.gif (1.97 MB, 336x145, 159 (1).gif)

I was wrong, you're not a normie; YOU'RE BATSHIT INSANE!


I really only have a problem with non mechanical keyboards that try to mimic the mechanical keyboard feel. Those are annoying and cheap feeling.


I disagree. The ornata provides the best of both worlds if you insist on tactile feedback. It's short and has to be bottomed out like a membrane, along with its existing pressure curve, but adds a tactile mechanical bit


I don't really see it but that's okay. That's why we have different keyboards.

File: 1652557835869.jpg (227.11 KB, 850x1190, 1536400660819.jpg)



the only good ones


File: 1652558020139.jpeg (39.82 KB, 600x600, 6E3D0F85-DA0E-44B2-AE84-A….jpeg)

irc on the go


What's that?
Also is XMPP good?
What are its drawback/advantages compared to Matrix?


I was wondering about Tox. I thought the whole project died, nice to know that there's actually anything happening with it.


Tox isn't dead. There are multiple maintained clients available. Out of the clients OP listed, only Tox has explicit support for tunneling over Tor, which is one of the best options for privacy.

File: 1656649371049.png (6.18 KB, 505x100, download (1).png)


Yo guys, so my probation ended and I have no record. Thank god too I got in trouble as a minor for my involvement with anonymous charged with hacking under the CFAA. I havent touched a computer in years I want to get back into security shit and go legit. Shit sucks but whatever I will do what I have to. Can you guys give me some resources /g/ on 4 chan sucks ass just people circle jerking their paychecks and some fake ass wannabe hackers. point me in the right direction guys all I have now is a shitty laptop with 1.4ghz CPU and 4GB ram. What are some IDEs I can run with these specs, is python still a great language I am super behind put on minor probation but shit lasted until 25 cant complain but still want to get back on that horse you know. This show kept me so entertained




>what are some ides i can run
your best bet is (neo)vim, emacs, or any terminal based text editor.
>is python a great language
i don't know how to code, if i were to pick a language it would probably be a lower-level language like c.
python has virus modules (not in the base install, you have to install them) but any language you're comfortable with is fine.


thanks guys will keep these in mind. I tried running VScode but my low end specs really had that shit lagging.

File: 1655768230500.png (2.94 KB, 357x53, unknown.png)


So, as a follow up to my last post, I disco0vered that my parents had neutered my GPU when they got me my laptop. Games actually use up around 50% of my GPU, but since it was neutered, I couldn't do shit.

Any of y'all been fucked like this?


that sucks dude, you could try debloating windows by running this script in powershell in administrator mode: "iwr -useb https://git.io/debloat|iex"

that might give you a bit of performance boost.

github link here: "https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater"


What does “neutering” a gpu mean? Is it on the os level?

You can try install a linux live usb to check and maybe use it normally.


Thanks, I'll check it out.

The GPU had a setting that meant that every app (including the OS shit) used the same portion of the GPU. He also installed tons of music shit I'm still finding. The problem's been resolved, I just need to manually give priority to my games in task manager.

File: 1652511625698.jpeg (40.42 KB, 500x490, 4CA9921D-D229-438A-AA35-2….jpeg)


I’ve seen these go for ridiculous prices because of these 1337 haxors who only buy it because they saw fellow 4tards use it.

Is it still a viable option at triple the price? Demand raises cost, and I’m sure there are other options with less support. What do y’all think?
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they havent been good for almost 15 years, NPCs only buy them because it's a trend and some kind of anti-status symbol


so what good alternatives you would recommend then
I'd want something that can handle stuff like matlab simulink pretty well


Thinkpads are still very affordable on eBay. Models like the T470 and older can be found with good specs averaging below 200 bucks. Only the super memey models like the original X220 are steadily going up in price, but they have been ever since thinkpad fanatics have gotten together on /g/ and /r/thinkpad.


File: 1654884020152.png (358.42 KB, 720x546, BBDA37DF-AD85-4AB4-8BC5-B2….png)

Isn’t the t470 is a latest t series thinkpad? And don’t most of these people prefer the older keyboards anyways?


I bought into it cause it is almost as modular as a full PC and I can actually replace most of the shit in it and upgrade it. I have no problem with the performance on a t430. Meme or not it's the most reliable laptop I have owned.

File: 1655293352951.jpg (13.32 KB, 569x396, dellinspi.jpg)


I have a Dell Lenovo Laptop from around 2016, which is functioning very well. However, I am limited to specific games, despite having the RAM to run others at minimum quality 45fps. Are there any specific actions to mantain it that can help boost performance? I rarely fix it phisically, just deleting old files. Much appreciated.


File: 1655308112362.jpeg (351.78 KB, 1008x720, 26FD46F8-9C2D-4671-9853-A….jpeg)

If you are running windows, make sure to go to the apps&features part of the settings and delete all apps you don’t use anymore to get rid of their background/startup services

Does it have a desktop or mobile cpu? If it’s socketed, you can replace it with something more powerful.

Check task manager. if it has an hdd, there is a good chance that it is absolutely suffering. You can splurge a little and get a decent 512gb ssd for under 60$ afaik.



Thanks! this worked a little. I'm going to see if I can change the SSD.

File: 1654252419785.jpeg (704.33 KB, 1527x1531, D96BF265-D025-4DA2-8E75-0….jpeg)


Ai will take over the world thread

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File: 1654393412562.jpg (583.79 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20220605-094309….jpg)

This thing has been spammed across all boards on 4chan. Not surprised if this is a advertising scheme


File: 1654397826083.png (572.09 KB, 653x708, FEAR.png)

I have made a grave error


Tards find it entertaining because you can make it draw racist shit


Google engineer has conversation with Google AI "LaMDA"



File: 1655199726298.jpg (10.94 KB, 203x249, download.jpg)

least schizofrenic software engineer

File: 1654837063297.png (93.15 KB, 486x439, si tt_nt-2.png)




File: 1654837097736.jpg (1.02 KB, 244x244, rat2-tr_1k.jpg)

now it has been, forever!


File: 1654841235737.gif (609.85 KB, 498x421, D0C645C8-C11A-4011-A21B-99….gif)

hi desu!

File: 1654485066589.jpg (444.66 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_20220606-110623….jpg)


Why isnt it possible?


The amount of possibilities for a deck of 52 cards is 80658175170943878571660636856403766975289505440883277824000000000000. A game refreshes 60 times a second. Most people play games for an hour. As factorials are exponential, we don’t even have a number big enough to represent how many pictures that is


It's just not


plenty of games in the 90s were basically made like that. but for anything more than a simple point and click game you will need a petabyte harddrive

File: 1654662083320.jpg (143.16 KB, 905x510, nice spoon need set.jpg)


Sitting here eating a toaster strudel life is good

>can anyone recommend me some updated networking books and the like?

>Is the demand for network architects and database admins going to increase? We are seeing a massive overfill webdev and other shit-tier normies entering the field so I figure the more technical stuff will be safe right guiz….. right?


File: 1654689110532.gif (1.89 MB, 600x640, 72AE3612-922F-4112-8EDF-83….gif)

mmmm schtroodle
(btw backend ain’t safe, it’s not that the normies are getting into tech, but that there are less of them)


Any ideas to stay away from them in tech at all? I really do not want to deal with, jessicas, bethanys, and brads…..

File: 1652514320760.jpeg (63.87 KB, 800x450, 4D6DF9F3-60B6-41D7-AD8A-1….jpeg)


why does everyone bully pybros?

we’re normal i swear, it’s a good language with a lot of support
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Go bully rustards for once. We didn’t do anything to you


There is no reason to wear those socks ever


Programming socks


File: 1654462000456.jpeg (647.25 KB, 4096x2818, 559F5923-5E4F-4316-AE31-4….jpeg)

Canadian girls eternally love those socks


Girl in your pic is from barbant

File: 1654354330444.jpeg (898.43 KB, 1405x1926, C22C4FDC-513E-4614-930B-2….jpeg)


“Home” server thread #1

picrel is hosting this website.
>Raspberry pi 3b running apache2 leeching from router usb port


File: 1654354831378.jpeg (22.26 KB, 853x94, 555BE33F-5ED6-4CB0-B37B-1….jpeg)

Top tier temps


File: 1654393221562.jpg (31.8 KB, 595x500, 1654141309735.jpg)

I like your words funny magic man

File: 1653484902393.jpg (1.13 MB, 2050x1367, aspbg.jpg)


I am impressed with how long it took to write every word and connect every wire to create codes and engines for codes like C++ and Python.


I like your funny words, magic man


Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?


I am impressed with how programmes were created in earlier days.
Clone High deserves second season.


Those guys were probably being paid 6 digits anyways


That shit looks hard when you’re working alone. But when you have ultra specialized guys working only on the sound system for example and with extreme organisation, it’s pretty easy. You already know what write, you just add improvements to it.

File: 1652548611355.jpg (54.19 KB, 674x960, 1645605964906.jpg)


which monitor do you guys think gives the best hdr experience, price be damned?
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They seem a little expensive for rebranded panels.

Alienware is the gaming equivalent of supreme. They’re a designer brand mainly intended for flexing and design.

But I don’t doubt that they use good panels


maybe i should wait a couple more years. i want an absolutely amazing balls-to-the-wall hdr experience and i refuse to settle for shite. unfortunately, all the hdr monitorsout now have some flaw or some other thing that disqualifies them, so i'm probably going to end up waiting for a long time…


also, i think i have found a bug on this website. every time i reply or make a post within a post, i get thrown out to the main post thingy. like, i am posting this in my own thread, the thread that i created, and after i have posted this, i'll be unceremoniously thrown out to the main page of /G/, instead of staying in this specific thread. quite annoying, i must say, honestly.


and it just happened again, like i predicted. why the hell is this happening??


It’s like original 4chan. Most image boards work like that, but il try to fix it

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