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join for comfy otaku board
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Rent a girlfriend

Kazuya don't deserve this
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How to paint translucencys, refraction and reflection in objects like shaping and planning values
Based on the scene and lighting and how the lights and color bounces to, and permeates thru each other

Like glass on glass, water on water
And such
As such so the image is physically correct

Like… i think i know how to pull lines from point to form shadows like in scoros and many other
But reflections and refraction is abit complex (maybe just refractions)
And while i can guess i definitely need some extra prep up to be extra sure
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how did he do it?

>be me
>hideaki anno
>find myself directing a mediocre coming of age show
>fill it with made up religious symbolism and teenage cunny to appeal to troons
>gaslight critics into thinking it's some subversive masterpiece
mfw weebs are still shilling it on /a/
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what do you think about db classic?
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Gunnm is criminally underrated

Recently downloaded Battle angel Alita on my kindle and I’m already on the 4th book. I don’t know about the OVA but the manga is kino. It’s well paced and fun to read while still taking time to cover more serious topics. Also cybercunny.

Here’s a quality scan if you’re interested:
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Is SEL genuinely a good show or is it Rick and morty-level pseudo intellectual larping?

I liked the aesthetic but to me it just seemed like animated boomerposting. Am I too low-iq to understand it?
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It's hard to think that there hasn't been a single attempt at this absolute beast of a franchise that has even come close to doing the original story like this masterpiece has…

The worst part is that they've thrown money at the franchise and yet this short lives series was literally made on a shoestring budget. When was the moment you realized that digital animation has no soul?
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Akiba Chan Thread

New to this sort of thing, but I'd love if people gave a shot at this series I've watched the past couple of hours. It's only 10 episodes, and by episodes I mean 5 minute shorts.
The best part? It's made completely using sort of puppet-like figures and limited CG, giving it this weird uncanny valley look. Though the premise itself is pretty cute regardless.
I just wish more people knew about it T_T
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What was your "literally me' moment in anime?
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Lain Has Changed My Life

I am unsure if this is the right board to post this on, but I want to get this off my chest somewhere. Lain has legitimately changed me as an individual. I used to have zero passion for anything and spent a good deal of my time whining and complaining about life. I also had identified as a transgender male, but all of this ostensibly changed after watching Lain for the first time. I realized that I had motivations and passions, and that I am not some shell of a person who could do great things but never achieve anything. Through Lain I went vaguely through a loser neet to cracked out female pipeline.I realized, in a way, that I was both falling and free. I did not have to subject myself to a misery of my own creation, that my own shackles could be broken if I literally just stopped being some loser guy jerking off in my room all day and working a dead end job. I have since realized I am a biological female who might have a mild case of autism with strange special interest that make me seem intelligent, but I realistically don't think I would have realized this stuff without Lain. Everyday I think SEL for the way in which it has helped me grow as a person. I truly love Lain.
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Liru the Werewolf

Liru is a miracle of the universe.
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Best show of all time?

Post the best shows you’ve watched
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Are muscle girls becoming a trend in anime?

What exactly is the appeal
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Why can’t we get more chubby characters in anime and manga?
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Why do people hate Fairy Tail?
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What was your opinion on the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime?
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Im ponyy
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We need to get wider

or else, Yuno will explode
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Just finished nichijou like a week ago, loved it but I can't seem to find anything like it that is actually good. I tried watching joshikousei no mudazeki (recommended on some obscure anime site) and it was just very unbearable with the least likable cast ever lol. any good nichijou like animes? pls recommend
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Narancia is a cool boy
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Post your favorite anime osts
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Attack on Titan finale

Ready to see people meltdown again?
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Post your favorite anime eyecandy
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Choujin X

So, what's everyone's opinion on choujin X, and if you haven't read it here's a link https://mangapill.com/manga/5454/choujin-x
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ITT: Characters who deserved better
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Will Prez ever end up getting a love interest of her own?
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What was Piccolo thinking while all of this was going down?
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Honestly why would they draw this frame like this. Having such a big ass is disgusting and unfeminine
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>Sexualized nuns

Why is this trope so common in anime?
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What are the ideal traits of a best girl?
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Thin Elf-san is far superior to chubby Elf-san.

This is just a fact.
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Can an ecchi ever be considered on the same level as anime?
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Discuss the following statement

A story is only as good as its ending, when most story/character arcs and plot points are wrapped up satisfyingly, and the creator has said everything he or she wanted to by this point. This is also why 99.99% of anime/manga stories are shit, and in fact, the ONLY good anime/manga story that has ever told is the original manga run of Fullmetal Alchemist.
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So is Wano arc gonna end soon or what?
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Army Girls

Why aren’t there more of them in anime?
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Worst JJBA art style in your opinion?
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Has anyone read Vagabond?

By Takehiko Inoue
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I want to interview the Chama
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I miss her like you wouldn't believe bros.
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Do you remember JJBA before it Got anime adaptation by David Production
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dark elf (bikini warriors)

100 images link http://fumacrom.com/2OrbF
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Waifu thread

Post best girl
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what are you (re-)watching currently?
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T-trigunbros…it over…
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Love and Peace!
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oh shit

lain at the 7 eleven what is she gonna get?
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Do you, guys, like The Nutshack=?
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Land of the Lustrous

relatively recent manga/anime that is still unfinished. it has cute characters made of gemstones and themes of Buddhist mythology.

Has anyone heard of it, and if so, what are your thoughts?
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Code gayass

Why do people love this show so much? It’s full of every cliche possible, is more melodramatic than any soap opera, and has a main character/plot that only a 5th grader could consider cool.
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Why is he the best joestar?
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What’s the appeal of vtubers?

I like slice of life anime, but putting it in streamer format makes it absolutely unbearable for me. It’s just an empty character repeating trying to sound “cute”
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Asuka or Rei?
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure might work for a live action adaptation if only First two parts are adapted.
Sam Raimi should direct IT.
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Why are all modern isekai protagonists so pathetic?
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I kinda wish David Productions stayed with an art style for first two parts of JJBA anime
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Legend of the Galactic heroes