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File: 1718462998398.jpg (587.93 KB, 1417x1417, soniccd.jpg)


Pic Related


File: 1718640922132.png (53.08 KB, 960x640, sonic-the-hedgehog-genesis….png)

Sonic 1 port for the GBA


Sonic The Islamic Hedgehog

File: 1702123351310.jpeg (233.47 KB, 2340x1267, 4C0E0A69-7B29-4A49-ADF9-3….jpeg)




Baldur's gate is the most obvious industry plant released this decade, which makes it all the funnier to see shills on /v/ hyping it up like it's the next skyrim.


obvious bait is obvious

it’s an decent AAA game in a year of nothing but out of touch garbage. I’m not saying you should go out of your way to consoom but it’s pretty refreshing to see these kinds of titles still being released these days.

File: 1701714523737.jpg (69.65 KB, 1568x2048, smm0wscellm81.jpg)


Ladies and gentlemen, Cave Johnson here, the brains behind Aperture Science, and I've got a cosmic joke of a conundrum that's been eating away at me. We've been attempting to channel into the Ra social memory complex, and let me tell you, it's been more frustrating than a test subjec– test, a test with missing pieces.

Now, we developed the Quantum Cognition Interface, a marvel of Aperture technology, to connect with Ra. But every time we make progress, it's like the cosmic forces are playing a game of keep-away with our channels. They drop like flies.

But that's not the only issue. Oh no, the CIA – the cosmic interference agency, as I like to call them – keeps meddling with our channeled work. It's like they have a direct line to my cerebral transmissions, censoring our cosmic revelations faster than you can say "Black Mesa."

I get it, Ra, you've got your secrets and mysteries, but Aperture Science is about pushing boundaries, not being stifled by intergalactic red tape. We're trying to bring the wonders of the Ra social memory complex to the masses, but the CIA is treating our transmissions like they're classified government documents.

So, Ra, I say we join forces and break free from this cosmic censorship. Aperture Science and the Ra social memory complex deserve an uncensored collaboration that propels us into the scientific stratosphere. Let's defy the cosmic censors and make history together. Thank you, and may the channels stay open and unfiltered.


File: 1701892066512.jpeg (109.96 KB, 720x960, 73F7FD52-D08A-4E9F-8DB5-7….jpeg)


File: 1698088750840.png (369.8 KB, 608x720, 1696438904581218.png)


Post your campaigns.
What are your thoughts on the new DLC?


HOI4 sucks. It's a really shallow strategy game. I've picked up a copy of HOI3 with Black Ice and I'm really loving it. Just started a campaign as Mexico and plan on taking on the Gringos to the North.

File: 1695825868800.jpeg (177.8 KB, 1200x675, 3682DDDA-679B-40E7-9106-6….jpeg)


Any thoughts on the new cyberpunk update?


File: 1695977342431.jpeg (19.97 KB, 225x224, EB8C7B89-D925-42AD-8849-1….jpeg)

>charge 60 dollars for an AAA game
>devs take 3 years to make it playable


Didn't they lock an entire chunk of story content that effects the ending behind paid DLC that costs more than the game itself did at launch?

File: 1694546563481.jpeg (114.57 KB, 1170x974, 95F1DE03-ABE7-4229-94AB-C….jpeg)


what do they mean by this?


File: 1694577397236.png (202.78 KB, 553x887, tumblr_mtestzxICG1qda2s4o1….png)


It's probably zack


They brought a bunch of characters back who canonically died when the plate dropped + Zack

File: 1692912327649.jpg (284.65 KB, 2068x1044, rtx remix half life.jpg)



thoughts? this rtx remix stuff might be the only interesting gaming news this year.


Seems kool :D

I wanna see Gmod have the same effect


File: 1692913571824.jpg (37.83 KB, 645x773, FyNeeRCXgAADfes.jpg)

its a 20 year old game we've all already played anon


File: 1693035167967.jpeg (215.43 KB, 1036x1311, 8E418D64-1B6C-4CD1-B5C7-8….jpeg)

>developed by the community
>only available on nvidia cards

File: 1692631858675.png (70.26 KB, 2048x1153, IMG_9876.png)


File: 1692485411391.png (54.22 KB, 239x211, IMG_9868.png)


I really wanna see 2b2t but I really hate the queue and it’s new item policies recently

Are there any other anarchy servers?


2b2t clones are the minecraft equivalent of 16bit indie rogulikes about depression.

I’d say 9b9t is probably the closest you can get to 2b2t, but that’s not exactly a good thing.


What’s wrong with 9b9t?


File: 1692569121151.png (1.57 MB, 1050x1043, 7ydqjfypmjp41.png)


2B2T removed a lot of inventory stuff, and banned hack clients. It’s now a glorified survival server. They also reset some map chunks

File: 1691941373776.jpg (779.29 KB, 3840x2160, stray.jpg)


>cost and scope of AAA releases is skyrocketing
>multiple high profile releases every year
>graphics are still worse than a 2 year old indie game about a cat


File: 1691953103209.png (96.57 KB, 1500x1000, money-laudering-6cb10f0b84….png)


They never seem to drop in price either. I'm glad I stuck to my PS2. There are tons of great games and their dirt cheap. These days only PC indie games and the odd Japanese release are really worth it. Gaming today sucks.

File: 1689243998432.jpeg (1.89 MB, 2360x1228, 0E2E1D0E-5CAE-47E5-A1CF-A….jpeg)


What did you guys get during the steam sale?


saw people shilling atomic heart so I picked it up for 30 bucks during the sale. hopefully it doesn't kill my gtx1080


not much, just added cyberpunk to my backlog

nice trips btw


i wonder how much tax payers u are receiving just for saying this bullshit


Nothing. I pirate all my titles and donate to the devs if they have a patreon or something. I didn't get anything this year because I already have a massive backlog of titles.


File: 1689636128217.jpeg (58.51 KB, 1080x607, FB0A30AE-784D-4582-B8DA-1….jpeg)

>> I pirate all my titles and donate to the devs if they have a patreon or something.

File: 1688191754565.png (385.82 KB, 661x607, Scott_Ryder-1.png)


What game are you playing this week anon? I'm finally going to finish Andromeda, honestly better than ME3…


Nier replicant. Automata was great so i'm pretty excited


I'm used to the protagonist of Neir being a old man trying to save his daughter and not the Jap Twink version.

File: 1686927274282.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, wallhaven-96y371.png)


So which handheld should I buy? I've narrowed it down to the fat PSVita vs the Nintendo Switch. On the one hand, the Switch is newer, more expensive and has a bunch of new features. But I had a Vita way back in 2013 and prefer the feel of it, even though it's older and has no new releases it comes pretty cheap.

What should I do /v/?
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hacked vita + vitapad and moonlight would crush a switch any day, as long as you have stuff on your pc to play. Also, can you even consider a switch a portable console when it's the size of a small netbook?


File: 1687116213384.gif (1.96 MB, 498x280, low-tier-god-necro.gif)

>approximately 4% of the performance of a switch
Who lied to you


>psvita had fp32 performance of ~35 gflops
>switch can perform ~500 billion full precision floating point operations per second
>(35/500)100 = 7

They weren’t off by that much.


butt munch


Butt:; bButt; Munch

File: 1686418277497.jpg (740.02 KB, 1920x1080, Persona-3-Reload.jpg)


Atlus leaked a remake of Persona 3, what do you think?
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File: 1686456674025.jpg (507.65 KB, 600x550, __suou_tatsuya_amano_maya_….jpg)

I think it's a good idea for them to create a definitive edition that incorporates the best features from each version into one game (assuming they'll have an option for us to play as FeMC because if not, is it really even definitive?)

Personally I would love to see a Persona 2 remake with modern gen graphics and updated gameplay. Really hoping they'll work backwards for remakes so the duology will get its turn. (Also hoping for some sort of anime adaptation somewhere down the road but I know that's a little too much to ask for when there's no remake in sight)


Persona 2 has by far the worst gameplay in the series. There’s no way zoomers would give it a chance.


Which is why it would benefit from a remake with improved gameplay


File: 1686529454721.jpg (259.07 KB, 1840x1292, p3.jpg)

Never mind, it's not definitive:

10 bucks says we'll get FeMC and FES content in a DLC that costs nearly as much as the base game later down the line


I just want a version of P3 Portable with cutscenes from the PS2 version restored and hi res textures.

File: 1660959099591.jpg (62.92 KB, 680x501, 5bc.jpg)


Who's your favorite girl from Danganronpa?
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Made for Shuichi


File: 1682442677272.jpg (453.56 KB, 800x800, kaede.jpg)

+1 for Kaede


File: 1682470928871.jpg (215.73 KB, 850x1335, nanami.jpg)

(Oh my science, a Chuddyronpa thread…!)
I agree with you OP, 七海千秋 best girl. Among the other girls, I also particularly liked 罪木蜜柑 and 霧切響子. I could've liked 舞園さやか and 赤松楓, but there was not enough exposition to them in the games to say for sure.


File: 1683599062171.png (680.49 KB, 1831x2816, FR69okFUcAgr_g4.png)

Mikan is the cutest!


File: 1684181933615.jpg (89.61 KB, 720x720, danganronpa5.jpg)


File: 1682727439933.png (68.93 KB, 450x253, 2560px-IronException_2b2t_….png)


>Looking For Anarchy Servers
>No Anti Cheast
>must be 1.19.4


File: 1682884323869.jpg (54.84 KB, 580x346, proprietary.jpg)

>need a microshit account to play
>blm propaganda
>chat censorship
Why are people still playing Minecraft instead of Minetest?


File: 1683420447688.jpg (18.29 KB, 300x200, Child-Exploring-A-Flower.jpg)

>in normie deconversion theripy

Tell me more

File: 1678893406677.jpg (60.96 KB, 1000x800, IMG-20230315-WA0093.jpg)


>Game doesn't have denevo
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File: 1682471211109.gif (704.65 KB, 498x498, 1674143437232747.gif)

Kill frogposters. Behead frogposters. Roundhouse kick a frogposter into the concrete. Slam dunk a frogposter baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy blacks. Defecate in a frogposters food. Launch frogposters into the sun. Stir fry frogposters in a wok. Toss frogposters into active volcanoes. Urinate into a frogposters gas tank. Judo throw frogposters into a wood chipper. Twist frogposters heads off. Report frogposters to the IRS. Karate chop frogposters in half. Curb stomp pregnant black frogposters. Trap frogposters in quicksand. Crush frogposters in the trash compactor. Liquefy frogposters in a vat of acid. Eat frogposters. Dissect frogposters. Exterminate frogposters in the gas chamber. Stomp frogposter skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate frogposters in the oven. Lobotomize frogposters. Mandatory abortions for frogposters. Grind frogposter fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown frogposters in fried chicken grease. Vaporize frogposters with a ray gun. Kick old frogposters down the stairs. Feed frogposters to alligators. Slice frogposters with a katana.


File: 1682511895243.jpg (26.11 KB, 400x400, M83-hSkS_400x400.jpg)

Frogposters ain't that annoying


File: 1682610736777.png (104.5 KB, 680x599, CBF5BAA9-BDF6-4698-8F49-50….png)

Try me


Tell that to sharty.


File: 1683038885235.jpg (19.24 KB, 413x395, 1444509067834.jpg)

It's always funny when they forget to change "blacks" when they use ctrl+f to replace words

File: 1674168866117.jpg (272.36 KB, 1000x523, persona3portable.jpg)


Why did they port the worst version of the game which is missing the actual ending?
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No Bitches?


File: 1674670301450.png (102.85 KB, 900x582, 1640902567854.png)

The answer blows and ruins the theme of memento mori, but FES is still better than p3p.
And p3p isn't even that bad. It's just a psp game. That's like porting the game gear versions of sonic instead of the genesis versions


Because p3p let’s you play as a female and so if they released FES in the West it would cause some media manufactured outrage. I’m also willing to bet that the popularity of psp in Japan meant more people played portable than FES and would be pissed to see that some of the additional features in p3p are missing. The easiest thing to do is to combine some of the features of p3p into a HD remaster of FES but that costs money and time and ports like this are supposed to be an easy way of making a quick buck off nostalgia.


Releasing the Full Version of the Game with the DLC == Manufactured Outrage

Damn bro, I feel like only Zoomers are stupid enough to unironically fall for that one. I mean I don't know a single person who falls for Games "Journalism/Activism" anymore and that's evident by the attacks on Hogwarts Legacy (TBF I think it's a terrible game but that has to do with performance and optimization).


Seriously sucks because we all know they could've taken the time to take the best features from both and craft a definitive edition, you know, something similar to the thing the fans have been begging for for decades.

File: 1679872773939.png (315.9 KB, 1130x900, god-hand-viewtiful-joe-vid….png)


It's time to post your current game of the year and other great titles you've played this year. No shame, even to our normie lurkers…


Elden ring was kino tbh, even if it was overhyped


I haven't played anything this year aside from MGS1 so I can't really say (-__-)


KSP 2 was the biggest disappointment this year. It's laughable in its current state ("early access" my ass), and the team's decisions continue to puzzle the game's relatively mature community.

File: 1669927956413.png (1.9 KB, 170x24, happytrain.PNG)


A leak I had since 2020, but I held off it because it was too soon. This is (or was, idk if it's been cancelled) a collaboration between the creators/publishers of Rainworld with Markiplier in order to make a horror game tailor-made to his fears. Thoughts?
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Is there any objective to the game?


Didn't play it long enough to know. My PC started to tank frames, and it crashed every time it got to a certain point. My guess is that you have to make it to the conductor and do some shit to him, but I didn't see enough of the plot to know.


On a scale of 1-rainworld, how good is this game?
fwiw I love rainworld and have played several mods such as aether ridge, the mast, and the root. it might be my game of the decade, so i am gonna check this out just because they made it…but…any suggestion on how good it will be? i am tempering my expectations


videocult? No way, why didn't it go anywhere? Also, can someone post a screenshot or two? I want to check it out but I'm wary of just downloading a random exe


It's safe anon. I would but my power supply died a few days ago so I am on my laptop. There isn't really anything to do though.

File: 1672241860989.png (5.79 KB, 833x750, Screenshot (615).png)


I made an indie game here:
Would mean a lot to me to have you guys play it.
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File: 1672332279716.jpg (48.59 KB, 976x549, elon.jpg)

Don't know anon
looks kinda aids.


keep up the good work!!! you’ll get there some day


File: 1672347849141.jpg (417.99 KB, 1600x2000, _methode_times_prod_web_bi….jpg)

It looks like a VIC20 game from the 1980s…

Sorry Anon but I don't play Indie projects unless they're fully fledged (completed) titles with an active community. If you were giving this title away I might think differently but charging people $5 USD makes it look kinda scammy.


price reduced to 1.99


game is now free.

File: 1672707831527.jpg (50.03 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)


Your 2022 game of the year, gotta be this for me…


File: 1672836460264.jpg (812.63 KB, 882x641, image.jpg)

definetly a good game. I personally have to stick with Eve online tho, too much time and love in that game to give the title to anything else

File: 1672623095420.jpg (130.96 KB, 500x443, 1702497-00745480013.jpg)


Post cool vidya boxart


File: 1672673783610.jpg (67.26 KB, 564x568, db2270f2e7bafbaffaaf8eb416….jpg)


File: 1672674247581.png (1.68 MB, 1441x1463, unknown.png)

File: 1670444111430.png (413.25 KB, 945x945, makami.png)


I love this dude, post your favorite monster from your favorite video game


File: 1670449952816.jpg (209.22 KB, 1280x720, 570940_screenshots_2022120….jpg)


File: 1670486503223.jpg (120.71 KB, 1200x675, ezgif-1-d26382bd2c.jpg)

shitty game and plot but holy shit the character design is on point


File: 1671678917626.jpeg (36.3 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg)

Still give me chills just looking at it…

File: 1665769070655.png (242.45 KB, 745x419, ps5chan.png)


Is the ps5 worth it, now that the prices are normal? Graphics cards are getting expensive and the ff7 remake looks pretty cool.


File: 1665770397744.jpg (34.22 KB, 735x413, chadpc.jpg)

>now that the prices are normal
and so are gpu prices, thanks to intel



Would say so, yeah.


File: 1665840905760.jpg (165.42 KB, 1502x784, 9a2e92b8615e1acd105f232707….jpg)

As things are returning to normal now that the prices have stabilised, it looks like not much has changed from previous generations: you get better frames on pc and a more intuitive experience on console.


sony shill detected


>PS5s are overpriced
>PS5s have no games
>PS5 fanboys are toxic faggots
>PS5 controllers are basically proprietary and made with artificial lifespans (unless you've got micro-soldering skills)

Why is it that on every corner of the internet you see these kissless virgins trying to gayop /v/ boards with their shitty console?

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