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I've been on the internet for a very long time, approximately since I was born. Seen a lot of different eras, but in the end, nothing seems to really be fun anymore. The media I once chose to consume out of passion is now more a chore. Is this the end of the hedonistic treadmill, or can one still somewhat rely on places like these? I hope at least to a small extent, that this can be a safehaven in a sense.

I was thinking the userbase here would be quite likely to relate, so I didn't mean to just make a blogpost. I hope I wasn't entirely wrong.


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> I was thinking the userbase here would be quite likely to relate

anon… you’ve provided us with a detailed description of depression.


I do whatever
I dont really do anything because I have no interests or hobbies



Sometimes in life you have a period in life where this just happens, I went through one in july too. I'd say just find something that isn't a dopamine hit, but is just nice to do. Have a pet or something, no need to be a dog or anything. Just something to keep you going. Aside from that, do you have a history of mental illnesses, or mental shit in general? I may have some experience with it. Don`t worry about blogposting, we`re here for each other. That`s what this board is for.

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Don’t let life be the same thing on repeat


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>flies plane into irs headquarters


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I don't know how to not suffer everyday


>I don't know how to not suffer everyday
Do you want to know how to stop suffering?

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i think we need to stop socializing men to be aggressive and possessive and we should all be frens and help each other. i love old mythology where men can be strong but also kind, and that actually accentuates their strenght. i want to be like that, i hate macho bullshit


The macho male archetype was created by hollywood


imagine being a prehistorical man and you just got done fighting a boar or something. you're tired and shaken and you see another man and you greet eachother with a smile. it would probably be the most beautiful thing to see, another creature of the same species as you. imagine how conforting that would be. it's cute how humans just smile to eachother instinctively, nowadays you can't even do that without coming off as a creep to women or a homosexual predator to men. by the way i mentioned men and not women because it's more common to see women smile while many men try to look tough all the time.

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>be me, 20 yo male uni student
>meet a girl at a lab, has "kind" eyes and a generally kind disposition
>keeps asking me for help for our labs and other work, help her as I do anyone else who asks me for help
>one day, we go out for lunch after class, develop a crush on her, ask her out a week later in a public space in broad daylight where she can easily say no
>agrees to go on a date, feelsokayman.jpg
>see her at school a few days later, completely ignores me when I try to talk to her, runs past me after class
>feel like I was punched in the gut, my other female friends tell me she might be thinking about it
>when it happens again a few days later, I text her telling her she seems uncomfortable and doesn't have to date me if she doesn't want to, she agrees
>feel a bit sad but I don't take rejection personally, leave her alone because I don't want to make her uncomfortable
>a few days later she comes up to me during lunch to say hi, I offer her the seat beside me as there are no other empty seats in the lunch area
>mostly just stay quiet as I continue working on my laptop, she offers to help me when she figures out I'm stuck on part of my lab
>accept the help, feel good that I didn't lose a friend entirely

>december break and covid leave me stuck at home for 1.5 months, don't really talk to her or see her

>winter semester starts, she asks me to join her lab group for a course we're taking together, I agree, we left off on decent terms
>we spend a lot of time together during the winter semester, talking to each other and sitting beside each other throughout class, work together on labs late at night, go out for dinner and lunch a bunch of times after school
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File: 1659905702892.png (329.69 KB, 500x387, 51D9A67C-3376-4E44-8AAE-9E….png)

It was all subconscious. Her rational self wanted to stay, but the proposal put strain on the relationship and she finally caved in to it.

Don’t overthink it. Humans are complicated, and there are plenty of other people out there.


Hmm, maybe you're right. I don't know how I should treat her when I inevitably see her again


Just pretend you didn't notice her, what happened to you also happened to me, I just memory hole'd her from existence in my case. People have more important things to care about.


Perhaps she's involved with someone else and is trying to extricate herself from what she sees as an awkward relationship?
Plus, I learned the hard way that being smooth with people gets you more results than being straight up blunt.
I've had people tell me since I was a kid that I was one nasty, rude young man but since I got into uni and read Robert Greene and Dale Carnegie, I realised flattery rubs the sweet spot for most people.
Tl;dr: Try to be more subtle when pointing out flaws and chip in a word or two of flattery in conversations.
Also if you're well off you could send her something nice. A book or a string of pearls.
Good luck, Anon!


Anon I used to be like you. I think you are a normal guy who overthinks things due to insecurity/lack of experience and you are a little socially awkward around women. Nothing wrong with any of that.

I don't think you ever had a chance with this girl. I think she knew you liked her so she kept you around for lab help and attention/validation. She leaned on you for emotional support and relief from boredom. She tried to turn you into a beta orbiter but you weren't happy with that role.

Next time you need to look out for clear indicators of interest when talking to girls. Brushing their hair, laughing at everything you say, hitting you playfully, etc. Some girls do this to every guy to lead them on so you have to be careful and test them (this is a whole art of its own) to see if they actually like you or just want attention.

The fact of the matter is that it's a GAME when you talk to women. It's no fun if you just admit you like the girl, game is over at that point. It's a push and pull. That tension builds attraction. There are times when you need to stop chasing her and let her chase you. That initial game phase creates an emotional imprint on a woman's mind that she can reminisce about until she's old and grey.

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Remember beanmouth aka calarts? Well, there have Been stuff Like superhero one since BTAS came out and those Mouth the guy who worked on Dexter's Laboratory drew.
At least these art styles had something? Beanmouth just doesn't seem right

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Sometimes the only thing that is left to do is to stare at my own suffering, because I know that it will go away.


File: 1656826829982.jpg (111.59 KB, 728x1137, wp5578119.jpg)

Mate what's going on? You can tell us


Judging from the pic, it's a little too late

File: 1654315124611.jpeg (22.2 KB, 223x226, F3222BFB-EA4F-425C-B681-5….jpeg)


>the earth is hurling through space right now


I know it's cool right?


If dark matter is real then that too is flowing around and through you at hundreds of thousands of kmh.
That shit is terrifying


you can definitely think about how small we are on our little planet but in the end space is so vast that worrying about it is just giving yourself more problems



What about neutrinos? We literally get bombarded with them all the time, and we've only been able to interact with a few of them. Plus, the sheer amount of neutrinos means that there's some big shit going on that we haven't found out about yet.

File: 1661533040122.jpg (78.91 KB, 640x640, 20220826_102148.jpg)


Via shedding, even non vaxxed are getting "involuntary muscle twitches", but you can suspect what is it. Nobody knows where they are taking vaxxed bodies, but i know. They will come back.
Please, if anyone here knows something about this, i need your help to find a cure, because we'll be fucked if we don't try anything soon enough.
They are not just altering DNA to kill people, this is something worse.


Ok, so:

1st: The structure of atoms is not as such, that is a simplification given to high school students. The real atoms are a pile of uncertainties

2: The solar system does make spirals in space, however, they aren't double helixes, so no relation with DNA. Plus, that atom spiral is not an accurate diagram as well.

3: What the fuck do you mean by "shedding"?

4: The vax is supposed to make you sick for a while. However, certain people can have adverse effects, like with LITERALLY ANY TREATMENT. For example, cold showers, while they are beneficial for many reasons, may give you a thermal shock if it's all at once. As such, people who aren't indicated for the vaxx can have adverse effects.

While your ideas about what's happening are interesting, please elaborate further, and please research the veracity of content you post regarding this.

Sincerely, the Laptop User.

File: 1658837416036.png (115.62 KB, 350x175, C9DBE9C4-2C2F-4C92-B81B-93….png)


The internet made him this way. He could have had a simple but fulfilling life if we hadn’t found him. He could have gotten professional help and some minimum wage job and lived like millions of others. He was just another tard, and we turned him into a circus animal.
It’s all out fault, we made him this way
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People are shaped by experiences, especially those with learning disorders. Despite the fact that most high-ish functioning autistic people live normal lives, Chris has the misfortune of having parents incapable of doing their parental duties, which affected little Chris severely and set him up for a lifetime of failure.


File: 1658967327978.jpeg (27.49 KB, 320x320, 8707245101372953.jpeg)

so it goes


I wanna see Chris chan meet Zack Snyder


zack snyder movie based on the life of chrischan would be kino


>nice dubs OP

File: 1652716841186.jpeg (59.01 KB, 850x349, 856940CD-C1FB-4E53-BBD3-6….jpeg)


With the advent of plastic surgery and the endless freedom of capitalism, you can essentially become anything you want, just like they used to tell you as a kid.

Everything about your life is your choice. And I don’t like change.


File: 1652717594606.jpeg (77.23 KB, 652x910, F4A82718-8424-467A-95A1-B….jpeg)

op is picrel


File: 1654288378253.jpeg (307 KB, 706x1000, 3F6088FA-692E-4292-8421-8….jpeg)

Cat girls

Also we need a /fa/

or /society/
To replace /soc/ /fa/ /mu/ and /r9k/ and /bant/


Is that a yugioh card?

File: 1659723427345.png (84.7 KB, 368x516, sketch1634590202908.png)


I am not sure if Zoe Quinn and her consequences were a Disaster for the human race because I feel Like she caused the rise of SJWs which lead to many things you just wish never happened…

File: 1654288203332.jpeg (337.82 KB, 750x1156, DEA0D90B-881E-4867-9A6A-9….jpeg)


If you keep this advert on r9k and bant for long enough, this will replace 4chan and have a larger user base.

So many good banned users need somewhere to go too. There simply is no other chans but classi
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It worked for me, I can't stand 4chan in its present state. this is much nicer


File: 1656093703996.jpeg (100.09 KB, 1080x1080, AF1E8AA0-99CD-4413-A9C4-D….jpeg)

We need more classichan ads

To me it feels like the mods have been subverted and they’re purposely killing the website.


4chan doesn't allow me to advertise anymore. They stopped allowing self serve ads one day and have been completely ignoring my pleading. I offered about 100$ and got no response.

If you have any ideas feel free to tell me.


File: 1656185914608.png (1.95 MB, 1432x1080, meganeroom.png)

you really just have to network with other small boards and communities and slowly grow through word of mouth (advertising through posting on 4chan helps), thats how my board wapchan's developed anyways. things will be slow for a while but at least it'll be comfy.

File: 1654371861356.jpeg (564.41 KB, 1374x1270, 1C843AF8-9437-4198-8D4A-B….jpeg)


The only god is love.
The only morals are ever greater love.
The only motive is love.
There is only one love.
Love is infinite.


File: 1654371915236.jpeg (323.92 KB, 750x1149, E791A3D0-C9CF-4741-89E5-7….jpeg)

Also anime is the global spirituality.

File: 1654306680956.jpeg (111.3 KB, 750x1125, 205CAC8E-AA82-4B9E-BA55-8….jpeg)


Add the catalogue to the top of the page.


File: 1654311874097.jpeg (98.93 KB, 960x960, CF9D352F-7384-4E3A-ABAF-9….jpeg)

It’s on the bottom left


File: 1654326169496.jpeg (70.63 KB, 749x535, 231CD834-41B2-4C2B-A394-B….jpeg)

I recommend an adjustment
Two catalog buttons like 4chan

On my phone it wasn’t visible at first

New users may get worried at leave when they don’t see a catalog option
(And think it’s too classic for them)

Thankfully I scrolled down


I will need to get more familiar with vichan’s html templates and structure for that to be possible, but it seems relatively easy.

Il try

File: 1654299242338.jpeg (96.32 KB, 960x960, 86FD91A6-E3AE-496F-BBC3-5….jpeg)


Where’s the catalog nigga


Oh wait it’s at the bottom of the page not top lol

File: 1652546429765.gif (9.03 KB, 65x65, g (2).gif)


this is Serious(ish)
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can we both agree that French sucks?




seriously, this site needs more government spooks to liven it up more. pepper in a couple of kike infiltrators and you have a party.




Who exactly

File: 1652639459489.jpg (66.74 KB, 1773x1773, baby-pepe.jpg)


It just occurred to me that free will might not exist.
I am not sure how to feel about this.
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Wittgenstein says we should look at how a word is used, we shouldn't look inside of ourselves to find its secret meaning. "Free will" may only mean that we find it prudent to divide different causes and give them different weight in criminal justice, or in personal justice. The good and bad of this can be examined in a public and open way.


There's another interesting take imo which is about Karma. Karma means action basically despite what I learned in school about Karma as a sort of social credit score. Maybe at some level it is that.

In another more interesting way Karma is the pure action of.. action. Using terms loosely its the moment when cause and effect meet. This is something you can witness because it occurs in the mind. I think you can say that meditation is about watching karma, but it's not technically the right use of the term.

At any rate, if you wanna what kind of choice there is, you can go look at it, and you'll see exactly what it is that makes the world tick. You can track the action and reaction in the mind, and if there's any option in regards to the reaction that's where it should be. We can't talk about it very well because language only tells us the names of things, not what they are. I think that's why we don't have an answer to the question of whether we have free will or not. Because whatever it is we have, we just have.


it does


>you should fell great, free will is exhausting.

Yeah i hate freewill cause if i fuck up i have no one to blame but myself


you accept it. just like you accepted the time pre-dating your birth and your birth etc…

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