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18 female guards at single prison sacked for sexual relationships with inmates

About 18 female guards working at a jail have been fired for having affairs with inmates.

More on the story

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Girl with a huge ass getting fucked in full view

Hope u are +19 and above

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Is there any explanation for the mysterious creature that the HMS Daedalus encountered on 6 August 1848?

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How to have fun

I've been on the internet for a very long time, approximately since I was born. Seen a lot of different eras, but in the end, nothing seems to really be fun anymore. The media I once chose to consume out of passion is now more a chore. Is this the end of the hedonistic treadmill, or can one still somewhat rely on places like these? I hope at least to a small extent, that this can be a safehaven in a sense.

I was thinking the userbase here would be quite likely to relate, so I didn't mean to just make a blogpost. I hope I wasn't entirely wrong.
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And…I got banned again from all boards at 4chan because of jannies being jannies. Other alternative imageboards aren't any better with comfychan being the only one for time being that is ok.
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The internet made him this way. He could have had a simple but fulfilling life if we hadn’t found him. He could have gotten professional help and some minimum wage job and lived like millions of others. He was just another tard, and we turned him into a circus animal.
It’s all out fault, we made him this way
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Is it me or even places like 4chan (besides a few boards) and discord feel dead now? It's like everyone only post at mainstream social media, TikTok, YouTube etc.
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New year.

2023 is ahead.
>insert edgy comment
this year is probably gonna be dead.
wish all of you the best.

Do you have plans for next year anon?
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Life feels static

Life feels so static. For personal reasons as well as reasons that are affecting everyone.
We are going through an economic depression and life becoming worse and worse. The world feels as if it is slowly falling apart.
The middle class dream is dead and it feels as if you are the top 1% of the top 1% or you are living a low and miserable life.

or in other words
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Don’t let life be the same thing on repeat
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i love when intimidating men smile

i think we need to stop socializing men to be aggressive and possessive and we should all be frens and help each other. i love old mythology where men can be strong but also kind, and that actually accentuates their strenght. i want to be like that, i hate macho bullshit
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Why am I so disposable?

>be me, 20 yo male uni student
>meet a girl at a lab, has "kind" eyes and a generally kind disposition
>keeps asking me for help for our labs and other work, help her as I do anyone else who asks me for help
>one day, we go out for lunch after class, develop a crush on her, ask her out a week later in a public space in broad daylight where she can easily say no
>agrees to go on a date, feelsokayman.jpg
>see her at school a few days later, completely ignores me when I try to talk to her, runs past me after class
>feel like I was punched in the gut, my other female friends tell me she might be thinking about it
>when it happens again a few days later, I text her telling her she seems uncomfortable and doesn't have to date me if she doesn't want to, she agrees
>feel a bit sad but I don't take rejection personally, leave her alone because I don't want to make her uncomfortable
>a few days later she comes up to me during lunch to say hi, I offer her the seat beside me as there are no other empty seats in the lunch area
>mostly just stay quiet as I continue working on my laptop, she offers to help me when she figures out I'm stuck on part of my lab
>accept the help, feel good that I didn't lose a friend entirely

>december break and covid leave me stuck at home for 1.5 months, don't really talk to her or see her

>winter semester starts, she asks me to join her lab group for a course we're taking together, I agree, we left off on decent terms
>we spend a lot of time together during the winter semester, talking to each other and sitting beside each other throughout class, work together on labs late at night, go out for dinner and lunch a bunch of times after school
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Remember beanmouth aka calarts? Well, there have Been stuff Like superhero one since BTAS came out and those Mouth the guy who worked on Dexter's Laboratory drew.
At least these art styles had something? Beanmouth just doesn't seem right
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Sometimes the only thing that is left to do is to stare at my own suffering, because I know that it will go away.
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>the earth is hurling through space right now
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Vax true detox to save our lives.

Via shedding, even non vaxxed are getting "involuntary muscle twitches", but you can suspect what is it. Nobody knows where they are taking vaxxed bodies, but i know. They will come back.
Please, if anyone here knows something about this, i need your help to find a cure, because we'll be fucked if we don't try anything soon enough.
They are not just altering DNA to kill people, this is something worse.
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With the advent of plastic surgery and the endless freedom of capitalism, you can essentially become anything you want, just like they used to tell you as a kid.

Everything about your life is your choice. And I don’t like change.
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I am not sure if Zoe Quinn and her consequences were a Disaster for the human race because I feel Like she caused the rise of SJWs which lead to many things you just wish never happened…
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Well done

If you keep this advert on r9k and bant for long enough, this will replace 4chan and have a larger user base.

So many good banned users need somewhere to go too. There simply is no other chans but classi
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The only god is love.
The only morals are ever greater love.
The only motive is love.
There is only one love.
Love is infinite.
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Add the catalogue to the top of the page.
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Where’s the catalog

Where’s the catalog nigga
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this is Serious(ish)
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It just occurred to me that free will might not exist.
I am not sure how to feel about this.