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This is a test


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We're all tests


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A test has a clear purpose. It’s a means to an end.

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Latest sudden deaths from healthy young people, all fully vaxxed with the covid vaccine. Not looking too good for the vaxxed… why is the covid vaccine killing healthy young people? The covid vaccine causes turbo-cancer, rapid cancer growth that kills you fast, because the vaccine destroys your immune system.

Malachi Rios, 18 years old:
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A leading consultant pathologist has confirmed during an explosive testimony that Covid mRNA injections are unsafe, ineffective, and have caused excess deaths to skyrocket around the world.

Dr. Clare Craig provided her testimony to the UK People’s Vaccine Inquiry.

Craig, who has been investigating the Covid pandemic and the deaths and illnesses that followed, has conducted an in-depth study using a variety of official data.

The top British doctor analyzed data from Pfizer’s “vaccine” trial, the UK government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), ambulance callouts, and long-term sickness.

During her testimony, Craig declared that all of the evidence she has gathered proves that using the word “safe” to describe Covid mRNA “vaccines” is a lie.

Hearings for the People’s Vaccine Inquiry have been underway for months in Scotland.

Several prominent doctors, scientists, academics, and experts have been called to provide testimony during the hearings.

Dr. Craig joins Dr. Jonathan Engler, Dr. Ros Jones, Dr. Dean Patterson, Dr. Liz Evans, Patrick Fagan, and Nick Hunt in submitting evidence for the inquiry.
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quite frankly, there are too many people on the earth. There are too many people and not enough jobs, houses, resources. If the world population was lowered to like 1 or 2 billion people, then the human race could be sustainable. But 8 billion people and rising? Absolutely insane. The earth cannot sustain even 2 billion people.


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You know it's true


I speak the truth, ask Mr. Spock, you know that Doctor Spock lies.

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n e w - p o r n - c - p - c h i l d r e n - c o l l e c t i o n - 2 0 2 4 . 4 - 13 - y e a r s

p r e v i e w - f i l e s :


l i s t - o f - f i l e s :


File: 1718876454267.jpg (59.05 KB, 640x480, fallout.jpg)


The mainstream media is now talking about people dying from the covid vaccine:



File: 1720746115418.jpg (394.18 KB, 1600x1200, p2 (1).JPG)

File: 1720701333258.jpg (573.73 KB, 1934x1288, o78hho8o8uu.JPG)


n e w - p o r n - c - p - c h i l d r e n - c o l l e c t i o n - 2 0 2 4 . 4 - 13 - y e a r s

p r e v i e w - f i l e s :


l i s t - o f - f i l e s :


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your dream world


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Dead Internet Theory is so fucking real that it hurts, even on big sites like 4chan


I think that I'm partly responsible for the Dead Internet Theory because I like to repost posts that I find interesting (whether on same or different imageboards) and I also practice samefagging/falseflagging.


Not sure if I understand the theory desu. The whole world is chronically online so it can't all be bots. Everyone has just moved to instagram and twitter and all smaller sites have been dying since a decade ago


Shit sucks fam. Imageboards are dead. Social media sites are all censored and botted. 90% of internet traffic goes through the same dozen few corporation sites.

Slowly the lights are going out across the web.


This is exactly it - people have all gone onto the same few sites and wont go anywhere else.

It's like having a town that had dozens of little family owned quirky shops and then eventually one keeps buying up all the others until there's just one big bland department store.

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if you are lonely then come chat and watch movies with other anons at https://cytu.be/r/carshieldbooba


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<< C*H*I*L*S >> << L*OLO^FAN >>

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We're a long-running and easygoing community for people who want to hang out, chill, share their day, encourage each other, and improve themselves. Shitposting is limited but we are not a hugbox so moderation does allow for disagreements and harsher language.


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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share something new with you all – OrdinaryChan! ( ordinary.pw ) It's a brand new textboard where we're just getting started. There's no existing content yet, so it's a blank canvas for you to jump in and start discussions on anything you're interested in.

OrdinaryChan is all about creating a relaxed space for casual chats and sharing thoughts anonymously. We're excited to see where the community takes us!

Join us at ordinary.pw and help us build something unique together from the ground up.

Looking forward to your contributions!

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>Europe (no cars)
>Go to Europe
>See cars


reddit has fallen, billions must drive

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site has gone to shit as it's all just cp spam now. join neetcord


>site has gone to shit because of pedo shit, join pedo website
Kill yourself


Discord is fucking cancer, kys

File: 1716824466647.png (18.62 KB, 219x219, 420chan_logo.png)


why did 420chan have to die?





File: 1703462798122.jpg (74.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3146438706.jpg)


i know that this site is dying but i thought that i would make a post as i remember my first time properly engaging in this site being last Christmas and now its crazy to look back and think that that was a year ago, anyway.

>be me last Christmas

>constantly slitting my wrists as i have been doing it for half a decade
>be miserable and want to jump off of a bridge

>be me this Christmas

>not much has changed but i have not slit my wrists for 6 months as i had a seizure from the blood loss that nearly killed me and i decided that i either should end my life or complete stop all SH.
>been doing a lot of sport and being going gym
>school been really good as grades have been really high
>although i don't particularly enjoy it, i have been socializing which is a big change from last year when i would sit in my room and play chess online and slit my wrists in a vans hoodie and talk to no one.
>hopefully things get better this year and keep going up (maybe i will post again)


File: 1703490317411.jpeg (32.62 KB, 399x399, EB47489C-E1E4-48D7-B535-C….jpeg)

holy shit anon
good on you for taking a step in the right direction, and good luck with your gains


glad to hear you're making positive changes. keep going!


comfychan not die, live. <3


I also have SH addiction. I am actually stoping to cut cuz I have am doing laser for removes hair. And it’s my sis, but I still addict. I have the feeling I will never stop cuz instead of cutting I bruise myself. How did you managed to do it anon ? Btw, congratulations. I am proud of you!


File: 1717457885446.jpg (107.37 KB, 456x456, funny-rena.jpg)

Seconding >>2302 and >>2304
But also…
>play chess online
This part is a bit quirky to me for some reason.

File: 1715199877644.jpeg (112.19 KB, 1024x972, download.jpeg)


is duolingo really that bad?


it's fine if you just want to learn the basics tbh


its good when paired with other resources


Stop wasting your time with any "resources" that are made specifically for "Japanese learning". You literally only need to skim a grammar guide, learn the basic vocabulary (optional), and go straight to reading.
Don't bother doing Anki or studying kanji or doing any gay shit like that. It's just a waste of time. The only resources you need are manga/VNs/anime/whatever and a dictionary like Yomichan.


Americans say 20 million people were killed in the Soviet Union because tyranny keeps you safe.

File: 1716072200451.png (317.51 KB, 1280x1280, Untitled239-20231019194758.png)



File: 1715697489047.png (4.97 KB, 437x242, IMG_8964.png)


>based and true love-pi -ACK!


File: 1715713159715.jpeg (144.9 KB, 1080x1021, IMG_8980.jpeg)

they couldn’t even properly design a honeypot lmfao

File: 1714942490949.jpeg (951.14 KB, 2048x3072, IMG_8750.jpeg)


who’s excited for the next pandemic? its not far now


none of it was real


>working from home is bad because… it just is, OK?


File: 1715646866215.png (421.62 KB, 1033x904, eyeroll.png)

>nothingburger of the week

File: 1714713775710.jpeg (69.87 KB, 480x640, IMG_8434.jpeg)


>0 tinder likes all week
>5 IRL girls trying to hang out


Don't fucking question it retard. Just hang out with the girls.


Dating apps are absolutely horrendous for males. Stop using them.

File: 1703629267493.jpeg (108.15 KB, 950x865, EE718CE8-A21C-491F-A47D-4….jpeg)


Your choice, anon
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Delete North Korea so that the masquerade breaks and i can get my own pet SCP


delete Bangladesh then


Depends if you mean "delete" as in "it never existed" or else "delete" as in "it stops existing now"

If the former I'm deleting Argentina

If the latter I'm deleting France


Future generations will ask why Americans didn't resist when the US became a police state.



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